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Do one Thing at a Time – it will Succeed better – 20 Jul 09

Today there was a woman here for her second healing session. When she came the first time some days ago, she told that she was often very much in stress. She had many things to do but that was not the problem. What gave her all this stress was her negative thinking. And she told me how much tension she had because of this.

When she came today she told me: ‘I feel happiness inside me! It is wonderful!’ And she told one more thing: ‘I am a person who is usually doing five or six things at the same time but since this first healing session I have the peace inside myself to concentrate on one thing at a time.’

It is great to do this. You can only do something with your full heart, if you do not have five other things to do at the same time.

She said ‘Through this loving energy I feel that I can do one thing after the other and if I don’t manage to do everything because I get tired, it is also okay. I don’t have to be perfect and do everything at once.’

And I believe in it that things turn out most nicely if you do just one thing at a time. I cannot do even two things at once. I always want to put my full concentration on one thing. And only like this I feel that I can do everything with love.

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  1. Amber Cutshaw

    This is beautiful and helpful to me. I have been stretching myself too thin so to speak lately so maybe that is why nothing ever gets done 🙂

  2. Muktaali Ananda

    Yes, being present and in the moment is very challenging while multitasking. Our focus is scattered in too many directions. Thank you Swami for the reminder.

  3. Larry Morman

    I love to blow holes into the clouds when my focus disepates. The third eye emanates through the clouds and creates a hole. My childhood game, so clean and pure

  4. Elke Neubeck

    Like that pic very much of you… 🙂 and yes, you right….quietness in the mind has to be created in order to listen to the body

  5. Paz Del Real

    Yes!! One thing, full heart attention!

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