How to Avoid Stress on Holidays – 18 May 10

New York
United States of America

Yesterday I started writing about stress at the workplace. The interesting thing is that many people have a lot of stress even in their free time.

A friend of mine told me how stressful especially their holidays are. What should be a relaxing skiing vacation can then turn out in a super-stressful stay with each minute being planned for some kind of activity. You have to take courses, you have to achieve something, you have to learn and of course you have to be on time. You have pressure of performing well although it is just something that you would like to do for fun. Just simply for enjoying.

Especially mothers often complain about it that a holiday is not much of a holiday for them because they need to see that everything is perfect, that every child and the husband has all clothes and everything else they need.

For all these situations, if it is the courses and the tight holiday-schedule or the perfect mother, I would like to say, leave all these things at home for the next holiday. Do not make a schedule and pack only a few things. Nothing has to be perfect and nothing has to be perfectly planned. Relax. You are not all the time responsible for everything and often it is only you who expects that. And you don’t need to achieve anything on your vacation except for enjoying. If you want to do a course, do it with fun. If you want to pack many useful things, do it because you enjoy it. But please never get stressed about it!

You might experience a surprise if you manage to relax: a holiday can be a wonderful time which will leave you with a whole lot of memories which are even more funny if things went a little bit different than planned.

4 Replies to “How to Avoid Stress on Holidays – 18 May 10”

  1. It is true! Everyone loves holidays, yet there is so much planning and organising that often the holiday is over before you even started enjoying and honestly you are glad to get back to normal life because you are used to the routine. Although it is great to take in sights and experience many things, the most important thing is not to overfill your schedule and allow plenty of time to just chill.

  2. Having stress during our holidays is like rain on the wedding day: nobody wants it. Sure, there are things we can’t influence, they have their own flow. But I’m sure that a good organization (typically german) can sometimes help to avoid stress 😉