Help Stress – Surrender to God – 10 Jul 08


We were sitting together with Greg and Oksana and we talked about my work. I told them what we do, how much we always have to do and that there is actually an endless row of things which we can or should do. Many people would be stressed with having to do all these things but I don’t. There is no reason. I do whatever I can do without exceeding my limits.

A lot of people are stressed nowadays with their job, their family, social obligations and many things more that they need to do. How can you not be stressed? Have trust, confidence and surrender yourself. God is directing you and guiding you. He takes care of you so you can feel free. You can be like a child. Children do not get stressed because they have their parents to take care of them. When they feel hungry, parents will provide them food, when they feel sleepy their parents arrange a place to sleep. Surrender and devote yourself and there will be no reason to take pressure because you can trust that there is someone to take care of you, too. Trust in God and also in yourself. Everything that He does will be right and good for you. Why should we worry about anything? Whatever has to happen will happen. It is in His hands.

Of course, we can and also have to take decisions and have to act but being stressed makes it difficult to see clear. Our stress is created by thinking with ego: I have to do this, I have to be good in that and I should be perfect in another thing. Actually it would be good if I was perfect in everything! Of course this creates stress! We put such high demand on ourselves and on what we should be able to do and to achieve.

We could be calm and we could relax. Then we will be able to enjoy the moment and when we are not stressed we have more time to listen inside ourselves and to listen to the hints and guidelines that we find in there. When decisions have to be taken and instead of being stressed and worrying you can relax, you will be able to feel inside yourself which is the right way. This is how God helps us in these situations. Take it easy. Life is not difficult! Life is wonderful if you can devote yourself to God and if you can thus accept whatever happens.

We went out again today and looked at the city a bit closer. It is very green in the city and we went to a big park only a few minutes from the centre of the city where we were fully in the green. There was a waterfall, a river and around it was forest with a trail going once through it. We did not walk fully through it but it was very nice to see a bit. We also took some pictures so that I can show it to you in my diary

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  1. You are floating along like a leaf in a river. You cannot control what life offers you. If a leaf thinks “I do not wish to go through these rapids,” will anything change? Of course not. The leaf will only feel unhappy in the rapids. If things are out of your control then why resist what happens? If you don’t you can enjoy whatever happens.