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How to avoid stress and burnout in business life – 10 Tips – 13 May 11

Yesterday I wrote that you should allow feelings as a businessman, too. When meeting friends who are daily a part of the corporate business world, I have become familiar with their lifestyle, their workday and also their private life. I see how much stress many of them take and I have collected ten ideas of how they can remove this stress, take off pressure and thus prevent burnout and nervous breakdown. If you take care of them, you will see a significant change in your life.

– Small Meditation Breaks

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have experience in meditating for doing it. Take small breaks of five minutes in between meetings and appointments to just sit, close your eyes, breathe deeply and think of something beautiful. This can be anything you like – your family and your home, the last meeting with your best friends, a beautiful scenery with flowers and rivers or doing your favourite sport. This is meditation, easy and effective. In a normal hectic day you often breathe superficially, in this way you fill your body with oxygen, too. This practice will relax your mind and your tensed muscles and will make you ready for the next task of the day.

– Find a Meaning in what you do and love it

Businessmen tend to struggle after several years of doing business because a question comes up ‘What am I doing this all for?’ Find a meaning. In which way does what you do help people? How do you contribute in this world by what you do? And if you don’t find anything in the product that you sell, convince your company to donate to charity or do it yourself. You won’t believe it but this really changes your attitude towards your work. Love and enjoy what you are doing. Bring feelings into your business, especially joy, happiness and love.

– Delegate and share responsibilities

Don’t cling to the idea that you have to do everything yourself in order to make it work properly. There are other people who have abilities in the same field and who are capable of sharing your responsibility with you. If you delegate or share a few tasks in a team, you will feel lighter because you don’t need to take care of everything yourself anymore. You need to have trust in them of course but if you do, you will realize that it takes a lot of stress off you – and it is much nicer to work together than always alone!

– Take care what you eat and how

No matter how stressed you are and how many appointments you have in one day, never eat in standing or while walking or even running. Don’t live on fast food. It would slowly kill your intestines and you. Eat healthy in a way that gives you strength and energy for your tasks.

– Do Regular Workout

Especially if you spend long periods of time sitting in a chair at the computer or a conference table, your body needs to stretch and bend sometimes. You should take some time for yourself, either in morning or evening, and run, swim or do any sport that you like, that makes you sweat, that strengthens your muscles and brings them in another position than the one that you are in the rest of your time. Yoga is a nice way to flex your muscles and can additionally to your daily routine be done while in the office and on a chair. Do whatever you like but move your body! This reduces stress and tension both from your muscles but also from your mind because it gets free for some time and concentrates on other things. Additionally your workout stimulates the blood circulation to your brain and helps you concentrate even better!

– Don’t be afraid of failure and don’t be a perfectionist

Perfectionism creates a lot of pressure. You cannot be perfect because no human is. I have written about this topic before, too. Perfectionism makes you afraid that you could make a mistake and that you could not be perfect. If someone is afraid of failure, he is always in stress and under pressure. Don’t take this pressure. See the bigger picture and understand that even if you do a mistake, the world will keep on turning and you will survive.

– Spend time with your family

Don’t let work be the only thing in your life. If you are not married and have no children yet, visit your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins or people whom you see as family. It is important to have connections with people who have nothing to do with your business. They will certainly be happy that you keep the relation alive and you can relax, enjoy and also have the feeling of security that there is someone else, a support and someone there who loves you.

– Take several short or even longer holidays throughout the year

Take a break. Take time for yourself. If you are self-employed or in a very high position in a company, you may say that there is no way for you to take time off. But there always is a way and you have to do it, otherwise you will ruin yourself. If you cannot take holidays for two weeks in a row, make it one week or even only a prolonged weekend. Make sure not to take work-related things and that you will only be contacted in emergencies. And then lean back and trust that your co-workers or employees can take care of matters for a few days.

– Share your feelings with your friends and your wife or husband

Talk about what you do in your work and let out all the feelings that you could not during work due to the circumstances there. Tell them what you liked and what made you angry. Explain what you like to do and what you don’t like to do. Your friends and your partner will be there to support you and just to listen to you. It will actually make them happy that you let them take part in this and share your feelings. And you will get rid of those feelings instead of suppressing them and risking a big explosion one day.

– No business in the bedroom

After sharing some stories or your work-related problems and topics with your husband or wife, don’t bring business talk everywhere. Really, stop it, at the latest when you go into the bedroom. No business is allowed there anymore, just love and the relationship of you and your partner. Here you should really concentrate on other things! That is why this rule should be strictly followed: no business in our bedroom!

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  1. Steph

    This is a really good collection of tips and as a wife and mother I tell you that they are focusing on exactly those points that make me wonder whether my hubby still knows that we are there, at home, waiting for him. I love him as he is and I know we live from the money he earns but he gets so stressed out about it that I sometimes want to tell him just to leave his job. We could live with less material and just a little bit more relaxed, with him more around us. To see the bigger picture is precisely the point!

  2. Ashvini

    Hello Swami Ji, These are some of the amazing advices you have put to the businessmen. It is often easy to lose sight of what we are in quest to earn money. Knowing and looking inside can really help avoid stress and burnout situations. I have no preference for particular point and like all of them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Swami Balendu

    Dear Ashvini,Thank you for your comment. This entry of my blog came from watching very closely many of my friends and their life style. I am happy you like them all and hope it will help many people who suffer from this kind situations. Love

  4. Swami Balendu

    Dear Steph,Thank you for your comment. I wish your husband can make a good balance in his business and family life. It is good to earn good money but love and peace are also very important in life. Love

  5. Ute Homberg

    I am a perfectionist at work and have suffered one nervous breakdown already, leaving me with a beeping in my ear which I am told is called tinnitus. And this all because of stress and wanting to do everything myself. I know now that your advice to see the bigger picture is really very important and cannot be emphasized enough. The world will keep on turning and you don’t make your body work better if you ruin it in your early life. Later you won’t be able to enjoy what you worked for anymore. I have learned it the hard way but I hope your readers learn it earlier than me.

  6. Steph

    Hi Swami, thank you for your words. I guess we will all work on it together. I spoke with him and showed him your words here. Although he has nothing to do with Yoga and Spirituality, he values a blog like yours, helping people practically. We will make a change soon. Love to you, too!

  7. Emily

    These tips are wonderful for anyone! Whether you are a businessman, a lawyer, a cook, or a house-cleaner, these tips recommend a good balance in life which is helpful for everyone! I will take these to heart, seeing that I often push myself into feelings of stress.

  8. Farah

    We need some stress in our lives to stimulate

  9. Tricia

    These are excellent regiments to follow and I definitely plan on using meditation and exercise throughout my day top minimize stress and maintain my health. It is better to take a holiday and rest so that when you return you are well ready to take on the work load and actually do good work. I find that the more stressed I am the less work I do and the quality of my work is also not the best either.

  10. Satya Veer Singh

    Very useful tips, Swami ji. I am happy that I am communicating with an altogether different type of Swamy, the real one. I’ll keep visiting your blog.

  11. Julian Sirian

    Great post, especially the tip on adding meaning. Sometimes, I’m too much on autopilot to give something a meaning, so thanks for the reminder;-)

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