Relieve Stress by seeing the World from the Eyes of a Child – 17 Aug 15


When you become a parent, a lot of things change. Your whole world changes! Your child is with you in your thoughts and that’s how I realize that a lot of my contemplations on life in general now link to our little Apra. One of these examples I would like to write about today: if we see the world a bit more like a child does, could actually reduce a whole lot of stress!

I got to this point watching my little baby play. Have you ever seen children play, then something gets wrong and it seems like their whole world breaks down? The other day, Apra had accidentally torn off a spike of her paper star which she likes to play with. It was the end of the world! Until the moment Ramona found sparkly, glittery yellow tape to fix it with. After that, the star was even better!

Be an adult when things don’t work the way they should. Don’t break down like a child – but let it get fine just as quickly as well! Don’t dwell on the issue and move on! Find a solution and forget the problem! Thinking back on what was wrong and regretting your decisions although you cannot change them brings a whole lot of unnecessary stress!

Children also never do several things at a time. They concentrate on one action at a time. What adults do different most of the time is to think of the future, the past, other plans and ideas while doing something completely different. The result often is that you are trying to do something, but due to your distractions you don’t get it done well or on time. These thoughts stress you and the fact that you get delayed stresses you as well. Be more like a child – think one step at a time.

Be flexible and explore. Children are always ready for something new. They know that there can be many more solutions to a problem which they have just not discovered yet! You have an advantage: experience. Instead of using this experience in a negative way however, only sticking with the actions you have performed a hundred times, be open to try something new as well! Think like a child – you will be surprised!

Most of all, do what you like. Children don’t do what they don’t enjoy. They refuse and you will have a hard time convincing them. As an adult, you may have to do some things that you don’t like but if you really think of it, you may not actually have to do them. There are other ways. Get rid of them if you can – and enjoy your life like a child!

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