Enjoying being busy without having Stress or complaining! – 19 Jan 15


We have been doing a lot recently. And with recently I mean in the past two months. Many, many events, happenings and appointments came extra to our regular work and today I just thought about how nice this actually is. I could get stressed, I could complain – but really, isn't this what life is all about? Being active, being alive?

The busy time started with our normal retreat time at the Ashram. That is nothing unusual. Friends came and we were a bit busier, filling every free minute with joyful activities with them. Then Monika returned to school.

Obviously, from that point on we were super busy, getting more information, documenting everything, making it public and spreading the word so that we could help her as soon as possible.

It worked, the first surgery appointment was made, the operation was done. Just around the corner: our short holiday in Amritsar. Of course it was a holiday – but out of the daily routine, an extra activity.

On the way back we visited Monika, changed plans, had to stay another night in Delhi and then right away picked up Ramona’s father from the airport. Again a beautiful time followed but with the restaurant advancing and still many visitors at the Ashram, we were, again, very busy.

Having dropped him off, we returned after another day in Delhi – only to be back two days later: Purnendu had had belly pain for two days and it turned out to be an inflamed appendix! So off we went for an emergency operation on Thursday evening.

On Friday evening we were back already. Tired and Purnendu with a body part less and three holes in his belly – but everything had gone well and we are still glad about our quick decision.

After two days of doing the work that we had not managed to do the days before, we are now sitting here in our office. And I have to say I am happy about how things are going. Of course, on one hand we are very busy, there are loads of things to do and we don’t get everything done – but on the other hand lots of things get and got done. Apart from a cold and the recovery pain, we all are healthy. And we have things to do, we are moving, things are happening and progressing.

What could be nicer than that?

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