What to do when everything just seems too much! – 6 Sep 16


Sometimes there are times when it all seems to be too much. When in some area of life, privately or professionally, in your work, family life or relationship and sometimes in all areas at once, everything goes wrong. There are hundreds of things to do, thousands of tasks and it all just seems like you won’t be able to do it all! It all is on your head and there can be just moments when the easiest daily task is in front of you and you feel like it is impossible for you to manage it. What to do if you find yourself in this situation?

Now I am not familiar with the medical definition for this situation. I don’t know for sure what will be the name, whether it is depression, panic attacks, burnout or if you are at the verge of a ‘nervous breakdown’. What I know is that you have to relax.

I know, it sounds completely crazy at this time for you to sit down and have a coffee or fill yourself a bath tub and soak for half an hour. It seems to you that you don’t even find the time to take a proper shower or wash the dishes, how would you manage that? I tell you: if you just invest twenty minutes into your own relaxation or pleasure, it will pay back multifold! You will feel more efficient afterwards, you will be quicker in what you are doing and your mind will actually have some more space and freshness to get new ideas and solutions.

Now the very important point about this is that you actually manage to relax your mind! There would be no use of you lying in the bathtub and thinking of all the things you didn’t manage to do. You have to allow yourself to relax. How can you do this?

Take a step by step approach: in the evening, write down the things that you definitely need to get done the next day. Reduce yourself to the top tasks. If you get them done, it was a good day. Anything extra is a special reason to be proud of having it done! Like this, if you have your main tasks done, you have earned your ‘time out’, a little while for yourself, really without any thoughts of what still stands ahead of you in terms of tasks.

Get a rhythm and stick to it, including exercise and healthy eating habits. This is very important: no matter how much stress you have, plan half an hour for exercise and your times for eating. Don’t forget to eat and don’t start eating rubbish. Your body and mind need the strength, so nourish them and do it well! The rhythm and routine is necessary for your mind to know what to do next. If you have a routine, you don’t fall into the empty spaces worrying as to what to do next.

Finally, wind down before going to sleep. Read a good book for a little while, play with your kids or enjoy some private time with your partner. Take this time to enjoy life and get away from your extra stress – so that you can sleep with your mind not being occupied with tasks!

Know that this time, too, will pass. There will be solutions where you may not expect them and what you now consider to be a catastrophe may turn out to be the best thing that happened to you in your life – or at least not as bad as you think now!

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