Does it stress you out when everybody is relaxed? - 17 Feb 16
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I yesterday told you about a certain flexibility that you need when you are in India and make any plans in India. You may get stressed about it – but it is so much easier to just relax. Going away from the example of only India however, I would like to elaborate a bit more on a certain habit that people have: they get stressed when others around them are too relaxed!

This is something I have seen a lot: there are people who can only relax when there is someone else stressed in their vicinity. Their own level of stress rises when nobody else around them is stressed. This means that they actually seem to need the stress!

I have seen people like these react fully calmly in situations that were extremely stressful. Everyone around them is about to freak out, getting so nervous that it is difficult to find a solution to the problem. In these situations, they shine. They are able to keep a cool head and take control, calming down the others, often taking leadership and leading them out of that stressful frenzy. Obviously, they are appreciated in companies for this ability – but they react differently when they are around people who are relaxed!

If you put this same person into a situation of no or little stress, they get nervous. They enjoy situations of hectic around them so that they can focus on being calm. When there is nobody creating stress, they feel like something cannot be right. As if there is something everyone should be stressed about! Probably, someone is forgetting something. There must be an important issue nobody is taking care of! There will be something we need to get done as quickly as possible!

Even if there is no obvious reason for getting stressed, these people get stressed anyway. They need the stress for feeling good and if there is no reason, they create it themselves. For themselves as well as unfortunately for others.

This is where it gets important: you may feel that this description fits on you. If so, please try to change as soon as possible. The people around you obviously like to deal with normal life in a calm way and you are creating stress for them. Nobody wants to be stressed from outside and that is something that will fall back on you in a negative way! You have to relax and whenever you feel you are getting stressed out, think about where this stress is coming from! Is there really something to be stressed about or are you actually creating it yourself? Calm down anyway – this stress is not good for your health and your relation to the people around you either!

If you know someone in your surroundings who acts and reacts like this, stay calm. If you are in the position to, you can nicely explain them what is happening and that there is no need to be that much in stress. If you are close, gently show the problems that can arise from this. If you are not – try to stay calm anyway and not get annoyed.

Stress is not good for any of us! Let’s try to avoid it and relax ourselves – we will all be able to solve problems much more easily!

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