Native Americans and Aborigines – Similarities in History – 25 Jul 09

New York
United States of America

Today in the morning I asked Ramona a little bit about the history of the Native Americans, the American Indians who were here in this country before people from Europe came. She told me what she knew and I found it very similar to what happened in Australia to the Aborigines. When I was there people told me that the natives of the country have not been even seen as humans by those who arrived on the coast of their land. And this is how so many were killed, they were suppressed, a whole culture was driven to a small area of the country, only a fraction of the land in which they had lived for many generations. What Ramona told me in the morning sounded so similar that we thought about it how this could happen and that there might be several more examples for this in human history.

It is horrible and you see these great cultures now, how their people don’t have hope and how their lives are ruined by alcohol and drugs because they don’t see a perspective for a good future. I would like to talk about the Native Americans with someone from here some day because I got to know a lot about the Aborigines when I was in Australia.

In the afternoon we went to do the tourist sightseeing tour in New York. We went to see the statue of liberty and walked a lot around the city.

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  1. Alot of us turned to drugs and alcohol because there was and is little in the way of spiritual guidance for my people. I do hope and pray that one day by the grace of God we can find our way and once again have the deep and rich culture and love we once had.

  2. It’s years now i try to fight all kinds of addictions. Still not very succesfully what alcohol concernes. At this point i feel like giving up sometimes… If anyone can give some advice . Welcome. Offcourse i realise i’ll have to do it myselve. Like all the trest in this western world.tanx so very mutch for caring… yes i might try AA. Hugs sent in return

  3. It is really a tragic situation for the Native Americans. I have taken courses in American Indian studies and learned the different cultural aspects of this once dominant society. They had so much wisdom and awareness, harmony with nature and one another… something that modern day America certainly lacks. I fear that it’s too late to erase the massacre of this beautiful culture… but I wish that everyone can gain awareness by studying Native American traditions, principles, and society. The situation is like a broken heart that forever bleeds onto American soil. People ignore it, but it is there. I hope we can someday mend that heart.

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