Pope says Child Abuse was normal because of Society – 30 Dec 10


Still before Christmas I read a website article about a statement of the Pope in front of his officials. In his speech to them he asked them to reflect on the church’s culpability in the child sex-abuse scandal which was discovered in the last years. Hundreds or thousands of young girls and boys have been sexually abused by priests whom the parents trusted with the religious education of their children. Victims and their relatives have been waiting for a long time for a reaction of society and church. When the society reacted with an outcry of protest, it still took the Catholic Church a long time to admit their guilt, to find those who did those crimes to innocent children and to take small and hesitating steps to approach the public again.

What the Pope said on 20th December to his officials however was more like an attempt to explain why those priests abused children. He actually blames the society around them! Benedict XVI said “In the 1970s, pedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children”. It was thus just normal to touch children and have sex with them? Does he mean that the society in the seventies knew about that and accepted it and just nowadays people make a too big deal about it? I don’t really believe in this theory! Does he mean that priests abused children because everybody was doing? I think I stay with my previous statement: when you suppress a natural feeling of sexuality by religious restrictions and limits, the sexual urge will find another way – a sick and unnatural way that hurts people and harms young minds and hearts.

Another thing he said was “It was maintained — even within the realm of Catholic theology – that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a 'better than' and a 'worse than.' Nothing is good or bad in itself.” I heartily disagree with this opinion or theory. This would justify whatever action you take. For me it is good to help a child and support him or her for a better future. And it is definitely bad to mistreat and abuse a child. You show yourself unworthy of the parents’ trust, you break a child’s trust and love and you may even ruin his or her mental situation forever. It is a crime and that’s it.



  1. Deniz

    That pope is so out to lunch! So they stick rigidly with rules regarding not having women priests and not having married priests, despite all the changes in Western cultures over the centuries, while going along with passing cultural trends of moral relativism as they pertain to sexual conduct. Therefore women priests and married priests are forbidden, but objectifying sexual conduct and abuse of children entrusted to their care are understandable. It really shows clearly how thoroughly mixed up and morally confused this church hierarchy is. But if you look back at the history of the Roman Christian church going all the way back to the fourth century, its history is filled with atrocities and foolishness, although there have always been percentages of good people and even saints among them. So they are only being consistent with their long history of imprudence.

  2. Angelo Ricciardi

    The Poope, looks a sick man to me. Very Sick. Let’s heal him.

  3. Rama Yoga

    He and all his priests, as the bosses of different churches in Occident, are complete sick and far from follow the teaching of Jesus

  4. Swami Veet Bodhan Stan

    One need simply look upon his face to see that which cannot be denied; a creature of habit with about as much sympathy as a black widow spider.

  5. Kalki Narayan

    This upcoming year Lord Narayan is going to start a verbal war against the Roman Catholic Church. Would you like to be part of this revolution?

  6. Swami Balendu

    I am not interested to be part of any war and I am not against any religion. My way is love, not war.

  7. Tanya Lyn

    It was maintained 14 even within the realm of Catholic theology – that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a ‘better than’ and a ‘worse than.’ Nothing is good or bad in itself.———–
    I’m actually really suprised that the Catholics think this, and kudos to them for appearing to let go of the whole black and white thing. I don’t think of it as better-than worse-than. I think of good and bad as something that hurts someone (self and others) or something that doesn’t. For me it is not functional to think of rights and wrongs- I would become a bitter extremist. But yes, it does hurt someone to be molested, and it hurts them for a very long time after you even stop the act. So no. Please don’t do this to people. And please don’t excuse it.

  8. Lavender

    I know many very kind people who would call themselves Catholic. But this pope does not seem very kind- he seems like a more devious version of a crooked politician, can’t believe people follow him. Then again it’s set up so you don’t say you are following him, because supposedly he gets his orders from god, but that’s just silly. The same holy spirit speaks to all who believe, not just the pope and his thugs. It is all attainable to believers without the need of men like this. No one is higher or lower to God.

  9. Swami Veet Bodhan Stan

    I mean the Pope no ill will for he is simply being that which he truly is, and that is not a crime. I may not agree with his ways but nonetheless that is his choice. He has lost his way within the grandeur of the material, and just like any other he deserves to be forgiven. My way is not one of revolution but rather ONE of evolution. I consider all good and bad alike and have only forgiveness and love for my fellow man and woman.

  10. Rama Yoga

    The lack of intelligence is very good to cover the light with darkness

  11. Kalki Narayan

    Swami sometimes you have to stand for what is right. I am only for peace and prosperity, I am not for violence. The Pope is not being “simply being that which he truly is,” The Pope is betraying his own savior. Jesus said if ye love me, keep my commandments yet the Roman Catholic Church altered his commandments to better suit their religion. It is an evil institution that the Bible warns us about. Read this web site for more enlightening information.

  12. Hans-Christian Vom Kolke

    This is really sick! Taking responsibility for your own wrongdoing isn’t a strength of the Catholic Church! But making others responsible for your own deeds is just disgusting.

  13. Sammy

    I think people who betray children are the worst imaginable.

  14. Connor Hoten

    This is really very strange and terribly sad. I do not understand what the pope is saying or why. He shouldn’t be hated. He should be respected like each life. His words are harmful and hurtful and I do not know where they come from.

  15. Nikita

    It feels strange to me that individuals growing up reading the wise words of dead men and women misinterpret them so terribly. I suppose that wise words themselves do not have enough power.

  16. Polly Young

    Even the noblest people seem to find it ethical to “adjust” the truth when its mingled with politics. Leaders don’t have to be this way. There is a difference between speaking someone’s language-speaking from your heart in a creative way-and sacrificing honesty for some imagined “greater good.”

  17. Jeremy

    Pedophilia is not and will never be okay or justifiable. It is undeniably hurtful. I also understand how cultural acceptance of such terrible violence can convince other people that they are not doing wrong when they beat their wives, have their children lie for them, own slaves, smoke cigarettes…Whatever it may be. It is up to us as individuals, to know ourselves well enough to question these things.

  18. Anonymous

    The wisest spiritual teachers in history have recognized that right and wrong do not exist. Even Shakespeare understood “There is no right, nor wrong though thinking makes it so.” But the meaning of this is lost to anyone who would do violence to another. There is no right, there is no wrong is just one more way that very wise people have pointed to some infinitely benevolent space, God. This phrase, used to justify harmful actions, has become something completely different and it is indeed a nonsense mental concept. It is people’s attachment to words, looking for the answer in the words instead of in themselves, that has lead to a great deal of misinterpretation of scripture. If you do not already know God wise words will never reach you.

  19. Corwin Troost

    This is despicable,outrageous and insane. I do not know what the hell the Pope was thinking. He disgusts me.

  20. Brice

    Thank God that people are speaking out about this and refusing to except it. I think that hints, in a historical sense, to the evolution of man.

  21. Tanya Lyn

    Ref:: Another thing he said was 1CIt was maintained 14 even within the realm of Catholic theology – that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a ‘better than’ and a ‘worse than.’ Nothing is good or bad in itself. 1D I heartily disagree with this opinion or theory. This would justify whatever action you take.:::I disagree, it wouldn’t justify whatever action you take. These are the standards by which I live my life (not believing in rights and wrongs) and there are many things I would never ever do. Everything in the world is on a general scale, nothing is completely one way or another. You cannot say black white wrong right about things, and believing that doesn’t justify being hurting others. I think the pope misunderstand or at least misrepresents his organization- the catholic church, when he throws at beliefs like this in order to justify hurting children. It shows real weakness and lack of caring on his part. On the scale of worse-than and better-than pedophilia in the name of holiness would land in the zone labeled “completely disgusting and cruel” waaaaay over on the worse than side. And when it is allowed to become a trend as it became in the church at that time- that is when you need to take steps to help the community modify it’s behavior away from the “being a horrible person” zone. That takes action. Not misquoting your own doctrine in the hopes that your audience is too dumb to see what you are doing. Take responsibility. Take action. You don’t have to believe in right and wrong in order to be moved to do that.

  22. Ken Ronalds

    If we know ourselves we know true love. If we know another we know true love. In the moments we know both we see the God in everyone.

  23. Anonymous

    …no matter what they have done.

  24. Emily

    It’s crazy to me that the Pope can make up such excuses and get away with it. He is so highly respected by Catholics that people just accept what he says and don’t really even process how ridiculous it is. Again, you are right Swami Ji. Suppressing sexual desires just leads to a release of this sexual energy in other, unhealthy ways. Wake up world! We don’t have to listen to this garbage anymore.

  25. Nicola

    The Pope actually said that!!!! I’m sure if he knew what it was like to have a child and have it molested and sexually abused by the very adults he trusted, he would not describe their actions as merely ‘worse than’ other adults, and suggestedly understandable given that attitudes towards paedophllia in society was more tolerant at the time! I suppose for the sake of his church and Chritianity the world over, it would have been too much to expect him just to hold up his hands, and say it was wrong, just wrong, and no words could even begin to justify those actions, and to apolgise on their behalf. What a disgraceful man!

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