Don’t let Society force you – it’s your own Life! – 13 Aug 13


When I yesterday wrote about the life plan that most people have, I had another thing in mind which I also wanted to express: this plan is by far not the right one for everyone – no matter how much society wants to get you to believe this!

This is not going to be an article about all those women who have reached the age where they are not going to get children anymore and who are sad about the fact that they could not make this experience. I understand their pain, I have met many women in this situation and several of them are my friends. No, this is going to be an article about those people who feel pressure from the outside to fulfill their ‘tasks of life’ which they themselves actually don’t consider important from their inside!

This may not be a diary entry for the broad masses, not having the majority of people as the main subject but a minority, a group of few. If those who are not part of this minority read this, however, I think it could open their eyes to another point of view and maybe change their actions towards these people, ultimately making it easier for them.

Society believes, if I say it in a very generalized version, that there are certain things that you have to do and achieve in life in order to have used your life properly, in order to be a valuable citizen of your country, in order to be as you are supposed to be. Study or make an apprenticeship, get a job, marry, have children, build a house. You already notice that these are the same goals that people stress themselves about. For some people it is only society imposing it on them.

There are certain things that are just not right in the eyes of a lot of people. Depending on the country that you live in, that can be different things. For a western woman it could be getting children before she could study or learn a profession, choosing not to take a profession at all and stay housewife or, strangely, also choosing not to marry and have children at all but devoting life to a career. For an Indian woman it could be choosing not to marry, deciding to work and establish their work before having children or maybe not have children at all. There are so many more examples in all different fields of life – I think the persons concerned will know what I mean.

If you decide to do what is not the norm in your country, you may face a lot of negative reactions of your surroundings. Even that much that you yourself doubt your decisions and feelings. But if you have found that you just don’t want to go the normal way, if you have found your way and enjoy it – even if it is not always easy – stay on your path! Don’t let ‘the majority’ of people get you down.

Do what you feel is right. Yes, you may need some more courage to face a few more storms than others. It might get uncomfortable sometimes but it would be much more uncomfortable for you to go against what you really want to do.

Follow your heart, as cheesy as it may sound. It is the right way and the only one on which you can find happiness!

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