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Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day? – 8 Mar 12

Today is International Women’s Day. This is a day on which women all over the world celebrate just being women and think of those women who have done big things in the world. They have made big inventions or they have founded charities. They were the first women in big industries or companies, they are high politicians or they brought more women’s rights to their countries. But why are we actually celebrating this?

Is there an International Men’s Day? Maybe there is because of reasons of fairness but even if, I have never heard about it. There are thousands of men who could be celebrated. They have been the first on the moon, they run the most successful companies, they run the most countries and they have also founded most charities. Nevertheless the International Women’s Day is important – because it is still rare that women are on top of businesses. Because female heads of state are still not as frequent as male ones. Because there are still so many countries dominated by men and so many places in which women are suppressed. We have not reached a state of equality and this is why we the International Women’s Day is publicly so emphasized.

Obviously the reason for the inequality lies in the history of mankind. There have been developments in different societies, influenced by religion and driven by the greed for power, that have created this state which we are now in. Of course men were responsible for it, that has to be clearly said but we all, men and women, can work on getting to a state of equality.

Why do I say both genders have to work on it? Men obviously have to change their behavior towards women. In countries where women are not allowed to drive cars or to go out without their husband or another male member of the family, laws have to change! Men have to see their own faults in the same light as they see those of women and legal punishment has to be equal for both.

Additionally men should not see women only as their outer appearance. A woman is not just a body, she is not a showpiece or an advertisement for yourself. She is a person with a character, an intellect and an opinion.

Women however, too, have to realize this all. I often feel that some women believe they are free and independent and that is why they dress in very short clothes and exhibit their body. In reality however I believe they reduce themselves to their body, too. They do exactly that what men would like to see. Isn’t that in some way contributing to the inequality? On another part of the planet I want to ask women to throw off the burqa which covers their hair and head so that no other man looks at them. Why can you look at other men then?

There are so many more topics like female circumcision, the stoning of women or lower salary for women in the same jobs. The world has to change away from inequality. The reality is that women are not lower than men. They are just as intelligent and they can be even as strong. What strength they might miss in their arms, they have in their hearts. Don’t forget this! Happy International Women’s Day!

– And on a side note: Happy Holi! Today was the last day of the colour festival!

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Ute

    YES! Women Power!!! There is still lots to do, that’s true but we will make it to equality!And by the way – those colours!!! Hilarious to see these little men drenched in Holi colour!

  2. Rodrigo

    Men and Women are different but that is something to be celebrated. The qualities that we poses are complimentary to each other. We should not have either men or women as ‘better’ but appreciated for being different.

  3. Belinda

    Yes, it is important for everyone, from both genders to strive for equality. But I believe that accepting ones entirety is also part of that. A woman’s body is part of who she is and is a thing of beauty. As is the same for men. Politeness and conservationism is necessary but we should not hide any part of ourselves; our inside or outside. We should be proud of who we are.

  4. Nicola

    I agree that the world should show more gender equality, of course! And this may even be reflected in having a Men’s Day as well as a Women’s day to celebrate influential figures of each sex throughout time. However, I disagree about the principle of Men’s Day due to the reasoning behind having such events as Women’s day in the first place. Events of this nature are designed to stand out and be celebated as a form of victory against the former. Until gender equality, and other issues such as homophobia, racism, fascism, etc become a thing of the past all over the world, these events serve as a single symbol to reflect that the world is advancing and so these countries that are still behind in this way, are an embarassing example of the event’s intentions. Should there be an event for both sides of the scale, I feel it would lessen the impact of this symbol. Why should Women’s day, or Gay Pride be of any significance when around the corner is Men’s Day and Straight Pride?! These concepts have the right to celebrate freedom from their suppressers without having to share their victory with them for fear of inequality.

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