Beating of Hillary Adams – Exposing global Problem of domestic Violence online – 8 Nov 11


Yesterday I wrote about domestic violence against children and women in India. This is however not only an issue of India. It happens around the world. The video which I have posted below shows the American judge William Adams of Aransas beating his daughter Hillary Adams with a belt. You should not watch it, if you are very sensitive to violent content. She secretly recorded it seven years ago when she was 16 years old and has now uploaded it online. Within a few days, people spread it online everywhere and the video became so popular that international media reported about it. It has been viewed more than five and a half million times, there are more than 100000 comments only on YouTube. The story spread everywhere. It is brutal and cruel but William Adams, confronted by journalists, still says that he has done nothing wrong. In his opinion he only disciplined his daughter. Yesterday I said there are two categories of beaters. He belongs to those who enjoy, those who have a sick mind. He goes away and consciously comes back to continue.

You see clearly what happens in homes not only in India but also in the West, in America, a developed country that internationally fights for human rights. It is also not out of date. The video may be seven years old and this is why the father unfortunately does not face charges for his cruelty but this still happens in many homes all over the world.

I have read a lot of the comments made and people tell that they were victims of domestic violence in their childhood or teenage, too. I have heard this from many people in Europe and some of my friends told of such incidents in their childhood, too. They have memories of their parents hitting them, beating them and even locking them up in a dark room for hours in order to punish them. Most people now have difficult relationships with their parents because they experienced all of this. They don’t forget it and neither will the next generation.

I myself have no respect for those teachers who treated me with violence. I had other teachers whom I still love and respect but they also treated me with love in my school time. The coming generation will not forgive and forget violence in their childhood. If you hit your children, they will most probably not keep a loving relationship with you! So don’t even start it!

Otherwise you might find yourself on a video on the internet online someday. The girl on the video told in an interview that this kind of beating had become quite normal in their home and this is how she set up the camera when things were looking like they were headed that way. I think the video is horrible and difficult to watch but I am amazed and happy about the reaction that it received. Internet users helped spreading this video incredibly fast and wide. This is the great benefit of today’s time. You can reach people and it is wonderful that so many are shocked and touched by this video that this could get so popular.

Times have changed and while more and more people understand that physical punishment is outdated, our children get more and more tech-savvy. I hope that more children who are subject of such violence at home or at school publish such videos. Bring it out! I will be happy to see an action by police and government after such videos. It has to be sure that those people get just punishment. Unfortunately the man in the video below will not face charges because it is already such a long time ago but it is happening today and now, too, and if such videos come to public and people are punished, it could make people afraid of the consequences! This could be a way to finally remove this wrong mindset and mentality from society. I wish this for everywhere around the world but I have the feeling that in India it is even worse and there are more people with the sick and bad mentality that makes them beat their children.

So I want to request all parents all over the world and especially those in India where many believe it to be normal: don’t hit your children! It is not right and there is no reason for you to punish them with violence. If your love for them cannot keep you from hurting them, let it be your fear of them reporting you and the consequences you may face!


  1. Marina

    It is impossible! How do parents can do it with their own child? With the fruit of their love? They are probably mentally ill! I think all parents should be punished if they behave like this!

  2. Dora Keen

    I had read about this video before you posted and thought a lot about it. Not because I approve of any kind of physical punishment but about this girl and the way how she now, after so many years, brings something so dramatic into public. How come she didn’t do that before? Really, how can it be?I don’t understand why it was not out much before when her father could have faced consequences that could have prevented him from doing something like that ever again.

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