Unique, different, you are like nobody else – 30 Mar 12


Yesterday I mentioned that we cannot all like the same things, agree in all topics and act in the same way. When writing this I thought about the beauty of this fact and how nice the world is because of the variety that it has in every small thing.

If you look at nature, it is just amazing that there are so many different plants and that there are so many different kinds of animals. Imagine you only had roses in your garden, all red, all smelling the same. Wouldn’t it be boring? And imagine there was only one kind of bird, so all of them would make the same noise. Would you not get annoyed to hear only this one and the same sound again and again? This is why people travel, too – they want to see something different than what they see at home every day. They want to see palm trees instead of chestnut trees. They want to see tigers instead of cats.

It is not only the nature around us that has a lot of variety, we ourselves, human does, too! Each of us is unique and that is wonderful. We all have different thoughts and this is how we can have a proper conversation with each other. We all look different and that is why we can distinguish one from the other. This is how we can have different taste and we can choose those people whom we want to make friends and with whom we want to spend our time. There are people who are taller and people who are smaller, people who are bigger and people who are thinner, there are people who have white skin and people who have darker skin in all kinds of colours, there are people who like to be inside and people who like to be outside, there are people who work quickly with their minds and others who work better with their body.

This last point is something that we see often in our school, too. There are students who are good in one subject and others are good in another one. There are some students who are very bright and intelligent and there are others who take longer time to understand, need to repeat words more often to remember them and who actually enjoy the yoga in the morning more than any of the other classes. I guess that this is like this in every school in every country.

It is again an aspect of the variety of the world and not a factor according to which we should judge people. This variety is necessary. Not everybody can become a doctor because we also need people who can wash clothes, people who clean, people who do work in the garden and people who cook food. I know that some people may now think ‘I do this all myself in my home and I still go to work, I have a sophisticated job’. But who is cleaning your office or practice? If you are a doctor, you have helpers or nurses, right? So if they all had become doctors or engineers, too, who would do their work?

We sometimes value people less when they look different or think different than we do. The reality is however that this variety of bodies and minds is necessary and also beautiful. Accept others and respect them, no matter if they are of another skin colour, if they are bigger or thinner than you, if they have another opinion and if they are more or less intelligent. It is beautiful that they are here in this world, too.


  1. Conor BlueEyes

    Beautiful swami!

  2. Fahid

    what an uplifting diary entry. I can never understand why people would want everyone to look the same. You see some groups of boys or girls, even men and women and they all try to be the same. same clothes, same hair. can’t they see that being different is what makes us special?

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