Habit of Talking and Difficulties with Silence – 25 Jan 08


We came back from Darshan. In Darshan I have told one story: A milkman in India supplied ten families with the milk of his cows. Each day he brought them fresh milk. What they did not know was that he mixed some water in it, to make more of it. When he was accused of doing this he always lied. However one day the landlord, who was sure that the milkman was cheating, came and said to him "I know that you are mixing water into our milk. Let us also taste the real milk sometimes!" This time the milkman did not deny his trick. All people who got the milk from this milkman the next day found that it tasted different and after drinking it they all started feeling funny and had loose motions. When the milkman came the next day they asked him: "Why did we all get sick? Something must have been wrong with the milk!" And he said: "Oh, no, that was pure milk." They only became sick because they were not used to it.

I gave this story today to explain why it might be difficult for some people to stay in silence. They are not used to it. Talking is like a habit. I repeated this after the Darshan again to prevent something that I noticed last week after the Darshan: Some people, after one hour of meditation in silence, got up and started talking with each other loudly for at least half an hour. I know it is not usual here to be quiet but please, if you start chattering after a meditation you will lose the energy again! So I asked people to go home in silence and to have a nice sleep with this energy from the meditation and to have a nice start in the next day. With this explanation the atmosphere was very different from last Friday. People got up quietly and in peace and started going home. Peace and calmness will be in their sleep tonight.

2 Replies to “Habit of Talking and Difficulties with Silence – 25 Jan 08”

  1. I say dumb things all the time just because I feel weird when there is quiet, especially if another person is with me. if I could just be okay with staying quiet…

  2. I am actually dialoguing with some one right now about the difference between talking and talking with a purpose. The question we have come to is- is it damaging to speak without purpose? I’m not sure.