Do not Be Disappointed if I prefer being in Silence – 5 Nov 09


Even though I know that people many times expect from me to talk much and that they want to hear me, they sometimes can get disappointed. It doesn’t matter if I am abroad and meet people there or if I meet people in the Ashram. I always invite many lovely people, that is just my nature. The doors of my Ashram are always open and frequently people come after an invitation.

Some people then think that in the Ashram they will have more chance to hear me, that I will talk much here because when I am abroad they see me being busy in programs. Those who know me know that I am not a big talker and often just like to be in silence with those who enjoy this with me. So even here in my home, where I could have lots of time to talk, I enjoy being silent.

Of course people who expect me to do big talking when they are here can get disappointed. I can never play the role of the entertainer, it is just not me. I really believe in living what I am saying, it is not only talk. I love to live in peace and silence. When I feel like it, I will have a nice conversation and everybody is welcome to join me for some words. But please don’t expect a lecture or discussion. And of course, it is a precious time being here with family and children in the Ashram. I enjoy playing with the kids without any time or schedule.

Yesterday Dagmar arrived here who will also have a week of Ayurvedic massages and diet according to her body type. She has been to the Ashram before and said in the evening that now it is much more quiet than when she was here last year. In that time many celebrations were going on. This is a pilgrimage city and in the festival time a lot of Mantra chanting and Kirtan singing is going on but sometimes in the year we also have silence. Now at the moment it is more quiet here and we all enjoy it.

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  1. It’s nice to share moments of silence with others. Our souls may be communicating without the help of our minds and mouths. And it doesn’t feel good to have the pressure of constantly making conversation. Then we force it and what’s being discussed is just garbage. I appreciate your silence, Swami, and would be happy to join you in it!

  2. Yes Armin I would also love to meet you. Thank you for your comments, I enjoy reading them. And yes you can have a perfectly nice conversation if you have good tuning. Sending you much Love.

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