Importance of Silence without Sign Language – 4 Nov 09


Yesterday I was writing about the importance of silence in my life. Silence is really like a treasure for me and I always like to be in silence, no matter where I am, abroad or in the Ashram. The meaning of silence is for me not anymore that hard and strict discipline of silence which I have done before, in which you strictly don’t talk at all.

When I was doing that, I never liked the use of sign language very much. Many people use sign language during their silent time which actually costs more energy than talking. Then the silence doesn’t give you anything back. The purpose is to save energy but only in trying to make somebody understand, you will spend four times more time than saying a simple sentence. So you actually spend even more energy than while talking. I preferred to be fully in silence.

Now I overall don’t make this kind of hard rule but generally like to talk less. I really love and prefer if I can say what I want to say in a minimum of words. In this way I can be in silence in a normal, natural way. 

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4 Replies to “Importance of Silence without Sign Language – 4 Nov 09”

  1. My friend, Swami Ji, do you refer to the simple silence of merely refraining from speaking? or do you refer to the Silence, wherein there is much to be heard? or both? It occurs to me that, since communication requires a two-way effort (both conveying a message and being receptive to messages), never observing the Silence, is like having a one-way conversation with God! Nobody likes to chat with someone who does ALL the talking!

  2. Of course! Makes sense, but as a deaf person, who doesn’t sign, I lipread very well, which means people don’t actually have to use their voice with me if not desired! Silence is sometimes preferred, especially with meditation, but silence for one who doesn’t hear isn’t a good option usually. Is something one can’t do anything about, has to be accepted…….

  3. Dear Colleen, I think the answer to your question is in the sequence of this topic in my diary. My dear silent Joanna, of course I was talking about the silence of the mind. I love your silent love and the way you express it.