One Hour of Free Advice? No Thank You! – 8 Oct 09


Some days ago I was talking with one of my friends and he told me that he had a new idea for his next newsletter. He is a counselor or coach and has clients coming to him to get advice for their lives, relationships, problems and worries. Each month he sends out a newsletter to his clients with new philosophies, general solutions for all kinds of problems and advice. But in the next newsletter he wants to send a special offer: everybody can come and talk to him for free for one hour.

When he told me about this idea I had to laugh. I would never do this! In fact, I would do the exact opposite: I would invite people to come to me and sit with me in silence. I wrote several times already that I like being in silence. Give your mind a break from the continuous input of information of which 70% is not really important. Save your energy by not talking when it is not really necessary. And you will see, if you need advice, it can also come from inside of you, especially when you have the peace to listen to what is going on inside instead of constantly having to concentrate on what people are saying to you. Anyway, I told my friend that I would prefer being in silence and we laughed.

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9 Replies to “One Hour of Free Advice? No Thank You! – 8 Oct 09”

  1. so true for me, too, Swami Ji … one of my favorite sayings that is short for something out of the Bible is ‘ … be still and know … ”
    This is a great great picture too! Is that your mom?

  2. It’s amazing how powerful silence can be. Sometimes it fills the space of time much better than useless small-talk. I love being in silence and that’s why I like being alone a lot too!