Required for Being in Silence: a Calm Mind – 7 Nov 09


I see often that some people are even afraid of silence. Maybe they feel that they have to take out their energy by talking. They need to spend their energy.

Of course silence is for calming the mind but to be in silence you need some practice of a calm mind. If your mind is not calm and you don’t know how you can calm it down, you will get nervous in silence and the thoughts in your mind just go crazy.

So for practicing silence you need a little bit of calmness of the mind. That is why I say if you want to practice silence and calm your mind, start by reducing how much you talk. Say only what is really necessary.

Today was my friend Govind’s birthday and he came here to visit me. It is always wonderful to meet him. 

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  1. I have a patient who is recently divorced and leaving alone. She described her experience with silence in a way that I found artful and maybe helpful to people looking for the words: “Silence leaves me alone with my mind and in my mind. And it makes me feel awful. So I always do something to distract myself and I am always exhausted.” We are working together to discover that her mind is not an enemy but something wonderful to have fun and create with and that it can be lived outside of.

  2. This is very true. Some people are not comfortable with silence because their mind races and they can’t calm it down. They talk, stay busy, or spend time with others in order to avoid the stream of thoughts in their head. But it is definitely something we can practice and improve. Small daily meditations help to control the thoughts so that we can clear the mind when desired. Then silence becomes a friend!

  3. I know that it is said that one is alone at the moment one is born and at the moment one dies. i never agree with it. You are not alone when you are born and at least god is with you when you die. But I’m sure both are moments of silence. The mind is only concentrated at itself which is good, not taking notice of the sounds which are maybe around. Love armin

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