Need of silence – 20 Jan 08


Another nice day full with healing sessions. Two of my clients were friends and while they were waiting for their turn they were talking. And talking much. I know when two people meet here they have to talk. It often does not seem to stop. Otherwise it would be impolite or could create an 'awkward silence'. I have a different concept of silence. I love silence! Around people I am as silent as possible. Talking always makes me tired. Giving healings does not. It would be good for the people who grew up in this culture to learn to be together in silence. Words sometimes do not really express who we are. Express yourself in silence and you will see how much more you can express!

3 Replies to “Need of silence – 20 Jan 08”

  1. I love silence too. often I will feel like I’m missing something, and then I accidentally get some silence and I feel relief. I should seek it out more.

  2. I also think it’s unfortunate that the West has a concept of “awkward silence.” It’s not necessarily that you are being rude, but people might feel awkward because they think it implies that they have nothing to say, aren’t interesting, or aren’t making a good connection with you. But I love how you said that words cannot always express who we are… in fact they often miss the point entirely! People end up embellishing the truth or lying to make their egos feel nice. But expressing yourself with silence can never be a lie… I love that idea!!