Importance of Silence in Lectures – 18 Jan 08


We just came back from Darshan. We went to Mindelheim for that, around 30 minutes by car from Schwabmünchen. Tomorrow I will also give healings there. The Darshan took place in her living room. At seven o'clock it was supposed to start. In this time I heard it already! Tick-tack, tick-tack! Then the last people arrived so we could start with my Mantra and the little introduction that I normally say. I had said two sentences, when – tick-tack, tick-tack – I could not concentrate anymore. I had to ask her if she could take out the battery. It turned out that there were five clocks in the room and in order to make the noise stop one woman even had to climb on her chair to get the clock down. Only after putting them all out of the room I finally could start. I explained that this talking, starting a lecture or this kind of introduction is for me like a meditation, too. I do not have a script and I do not have any notes memorized. What I am saying that is in each moment just flowing through me. And for getting to this state of meditation I need silence. However I think for the healings tomorrow she will put all tick-tack out of the room before I come.

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6 Replies to “Importance of Silence in Lectures – 18 Jan 08”

  1. It is a paradox; sometimes, in order to realize that your peace, your happiness, your connection with god, does not rely on your circumstance/environment, it is necessary to alter your circumstance or environment. For example, perhaps when you are around your brother’s wife you notice that you feel very unsettled. Her tone of voice or the things she speaks of trigger thoughts in your mind that make you feel unhappy or angry. It is of course, not your brother’s wife that disturbs you. It is the thoughts in you about your brother’s wife that make you unhappy. When you have practice with meditation you may be able to realize this. But if you cannot, you may feel the need to put physical and mental difference between yourself and this person. That is okay. Step away from this disruption, not with the intention of harming your brother’s wife but in order to create peace in yourself so that you may interact with this person with compassion in your heart.

  2. I think it’s wonderful that you give lectures from pure inspiration in the moment without a script. It makes your lectures very genuine and authentic. You don’t get distracted by trying to follow the script exactly, you just go with the flow! I like that. 🙂 It shows how much real wisdom you have; it just rolls off the tongue.