Fear of Silence and of Being Alone – 21 Jan 08


The day today was a bit more calm. This brings me back to the subject of silence. Some people even seem to be afraid to be in silence. Then there is a TV or a radio that makes some noise even if they don't watch or listen to it. Why are they afraid of the silence?
Does silence create fear of being alone? It is nowadays very important to be connected with the outer world. Phone, mails, sms, the contact is always there. I have lived more than three years without any contact to anyone. Only with myself in silence. And still I never felt alone.
Are you afraid of being alone? Your mind always has to be occupied with something, so you do not listen inside yourself. Try to practice silence. As soon as your mind is quiet, too, so that you can listen to your heart, you will feel that you are not alone. That you are never alone. Because God is in you. Your love is in you. This realization will take away the fear of being alone.
Feel connected with your God, your love, your soul, and you will never be alone.

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4 Replies to “Fear of Silence and of Being Alone – 21 Jan 08”

  1. When you turn on the radio, watch tv, chat with a friend or drink a beer mindlessly you feel some relief. You have quieted your mind by entering into a dream like state. With fewer thoughts you feel less afraid. You feel less confusion or stress. You also notice less around you. You feel less alive. Silence may allow your thoughts to become very noisy. This is okay. Allow them to pass and watch them. If you feel fear, anger, pain what does it look like? If you could draw a picture of it what physical characteristics would this feeling in you posses. Spending a little time in silence with your thoughts and feelings, observing them, can be very similar to watching tv or drinking a beer. The difference is that instead of feeling as if you are dreaming without thought you are very awake and alert without thought. You have perhaps felt this before when you saw a beautiful sunset. You were speechless. The beauty before you was magnificent and you had nothing to say about it. You were conscious for a moment without thought and so the delicate beauty of the forms around you was suddenly visible.

  2. I am scared of silence and being alone. When I am alone in the room i always turn on music or an audiobook to fill the air. it really calms me but… I wish I was okay with the silence itself.

  3. One thing I have loved about being in India is not being attached to my cell phone! I normally have it with me everywhere I go and I’m constantly hearing the tone go off for my text messages, looking up things online, checking emails, and looking at Facebook. Sometimes it comes in handy, but it’s mostly just distracting from what’s really around me. I’ve loved having silence and space here… not even worrying about anything outside my present space. When I go back to the U.S. I will try to maintain some of this space from my phone!

  4. Maybe people who can’t be in silence have some kind of fear of themselves, specially they can’t deal with silence when they are alone. Silence remembers them of the fact, that there is nobody else in the room, only this one person and her thoughts. Therefore they have to turn on the radio, watch TV or listen to music.