Sightseeing in Innsbruck, Austria – 24 May 09


For four days we have been here in Innsbruck, Austria. It is a beautiful town surrounded by mountains. We came here for a festival called ‘Art of Life’ and we had a Chakra Dance Party on Thursday. I was giving individual healings each day and today we had a group healing, too. People were very touched.

Today was the last day of the festival and after we said goodbye to everyone we went out of the hall. There a woman who enjoyed the chakra dance party very much offered us to drop us where we wanted to go. We told her that we are hungry and asked her if she knew an Indian restaurant in town. She is also a lover of Indian food and so she knew a very good Indian restaurant to which she took us. The food was really very good.

She asked us if we had seen the town and when we said we did not really see much she took us on a walk through the old town of Innsbruck. We had a beautiful time there, eating ice-cream and walking by all these old houses. We even met a big Indian travel group. And after all this walking and the last days we were really tired so our friend dropped us back at our hotel.

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