Arriving in Arizona and learning about Native Americans – 8 Aug 09

United States of America

This was our first day here in Tucson, Arizona. I am not very aware of the geography of the country and this is how I did not imagine it would be that hot. It is hot but dry. Our friend Ananda took us to show us some Native American Indian art and we got to know many things about them. I got to know that many Native Americans are fully integrated and have very good jobs in international companies. But they still come back home to their tribe to certain holidays, celebrations and ceremonies. They value their roots. I believe that is very important. You need to remember your roots but be open to new ways. Many old cultures have lost so much but I was very happy to hear that it is still kept alive and valued.

In the afternoon we had Darshan here and as it was a new place and new people, I gave them a little introduction about who I am, my life and my attitude towards life, my story and my belief. I said that I am not like a guru or master coming from India. I said ‘I hope you will not get disappointed. I only want to be your friend and if I can help you in any way, I will be happy to do so.’

Again we have a time difference now, so Ramona is very tired and we won’t write more now in diary except for one important thing: It was Yashendu's birthday and Thomas and Iris sponsored food for Yashendu's birthday..

3 Replies to “Arriving in Arizona and learning about Native Americans – 8 Aug 09”

  1. Ah it is so wonderful to read about your experiences and thoughts and feelings! Reading this diary is going to be a new morning ritual (and one that I greatly enjoy)! It certainly is warm in Arizona.

  2. The story of the Native Americans is actually quite tragic. Modern U.S. history books and politicians like to boast about the opportunities for Native Americans in society, but they ignore the details of the absolute massacre of their culture. Sure, there are some places (especially in the Southwest…Arizona) that have museums and reservations for American Indians. But the truth is that an ancient, harmonious, and beautiful culture was completely squashed by European colonists. Their people have been disrespected, ignored, and shoved out so that the Europeans could start a new America. It’s a tragic story considering how much wisdom there was to gain from Native American culture. But I will still honor them in any way I can.