Beautiful Concrete Jungle with Nature – 16 May 10

New York
United States of America

Today we had a little holiday. It is Sunday and our friend Asheem suggested to spend the day out. And although we all knew that we would probably have to drive about two hours to get to the place that he wanted to show us, we took our time with having breakfast and getting ready because we just had one intention: enjoying the day.
And we did. There was quite some traffic and we got stuck for a while but had fun there, too. We went to an area full of hills, nature, trees and lakes. It is a beautiful place which we already noticed while driving there. Then at some point we got out of the car and started walking up the path of a hill until we reached a small tower. We climbed the stairs and then, standing on top of the tower, we had an amazing view of the surrounding hills. Everything was green and we could not see even a tiny bit of this big city.

When we returned, we made a stop in our favourite ice-cream parlour: the shop in the building of Madame Tussauds. They did not disappoint us, the ice-cream was still as good as last year. Standing there at Times Square we were just amazed by the madness, the colours, the many people, the different noises and smells all trying to catch our attention. It was interesting, just coming out of the greenest places of nature, a place of peace where only the birds sing. And we enjoyed both.

Isn’t the human mind and feeling something amazing? We were very happy to be out where nobody else was walking, just in the green of the trees and seeing such a great area of nature but then we were also happy to be among people in the concrete jungle of New York, to feel the energy that arises from a constant movement of all those people.

And this is how everything is mixed and playing together as parts of the game. The concrete jungle and the green parks, the Hudson river in front of the skyline, a car driving in a forest and a tourist ship on the river. And man in between, enjoying, laughing and having fun.

Pictures of our day out

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