Sharing, Shares, Shareholders, their Ego and how to Share with Love – 1 Sep 09

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I had some thoughts about sharing. Sharing is something that you try to teach to your children. You think about sharing what you have with a person who doesn’t have. But sharing can be both, positive and negative. You might wonder now how sharing can be negative? It becomes negative with expectations and with ego.

People want to have their share in everything. Even in the stock-market people buy shares. It is called shares, part of something. It satisfies their ego because they can say: I am a shareholder, I own a part of this company and that company. Or you share something and have the ego to say you did a great favour, without you it wouldn’t have been possible for the person. You should share without this feeling, just from your heart and love. Ego makes sharing negative.

But another sound of sharing is this: You share everything with everybody and everybody shares everything with you. Just out of love. In this case the source is love, not ego. When you want to share your happiness with others and want to share other peoples’ pain. Then sharing is a great and positive thing.

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6 Replies to “Sharing, Shares, Shareholders, their Ego and how to Share with Love – 1 Sep 09”

  1. It’s definitely negative if you share something like a cold. Sometimes it upsets me when family members help themselves to my stuff, like my late-night snack stash. But I love sharing dinner with anyone who will sit still long enough to eat it.

  2. There once was a man named Purnendu. He was a very happy man, always sharing his smiles. One day a stranger came to him and asked him if he had change for a dollar. He said “No, I do not.” The stranger began to walk away. Purnendu smiled and said “wait, what do you need?” He pulled money from his pockets, emptying them and then handed it to the stranger. Then he held out his wallet and asked “Is that enough? Or do you need more?” The stranger felt their heart warm and so did the other people watching the spectacle. Everyday after, whenever the stranger was asked for change, she smiled and emptied her pockets.

  3. Thank you for sharing so much in your home; your knowledge, your food, your family, your love. I really enjoyed my stay and the treatment and I won’t forget what I took away in my heart.

  4. To me, sharing without ego means that you give something with all your heart and don’t expect anything in return. It is selfless… like giving unconditional love. Unfortunately, many people are used to sharing with expectation of some kind of reward for it. I hope we can all learn to share with each other so that no one lacks and everyone gives.