Commonwealth Love Games – Play Safe with Condoms – 7 Oct 10


A few days ago the much-discussed Commonwealth Games of 2010 started in Delhi and the capital of India is busy with running, throwing, swimming and playing. There are many new records but one, a very special record, has caught everybody’s attention this week: The highest amount of condoms sold in three days!

On Tuesday the city government of Delhi, the Central Government of India and the Health department got a surprise: the condom vending machine installed in the ‘Games Village’, the premises where the international players of the Commonwealth Games live, was empty!

It is a high capacity machine installed by the NACO, the national aids control organization. It can keep more condoms than any of the 108 machines that have been installed in hotels and other locations in the vicinity. All over Delhi, there are 3000 condom vending machines but this one now broke all records. In only three days, from 3rd to 5th October 2010, it sold all of its 6000 condoms!

The funny thing is that the only people living in this village are the sportsmen, sportswomen, their coaches and the officers. And they have not brought their families…

Of course, the ‘Hindustan Latex Limited Family Planning Promotion Trust’, who are in charge of refilling the condom machines in whole Delhi, immediately arranged more condoms and refilled the vending machine. They report an immense increase of consumption around the Games village and they keep refilling the machines continuously.

NACO mentioned on the side that they had given a proposal to install more vending machines but the organization committee of the Commonwealth Games were of the opinion that one machine for all players and participants would be enough. After all, they were there to do sports, not to have sex! The organization committee obviously forgot that they are world class players and brought lots of energy into these common love games.

Well, these are big games and obviously players, coaches and officers see it as their duty to further enhance international understanding and to work closely together with the local population in a loving and safe environment. I have criticized the Commonwealth Games before in my diary but now I see that everybody is enjoying it very much. They have community feeling and they play the game of love, safely and sometimes even with different flavours! Isn’t it great?

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  1. It’s actually a pretty popular understanding that having an orgasm can increase your focus, concentration, and calmness. Many professional athletes in the U.S. have stated that they have sex before a game because it gives them a calm-collected-focused ability to hone in on their sport and perform to the best of their ability. Maybe this can explain the condom fiasco at the Commonwealth Games!

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