Why Indians Relate Westerners with Sex - 28 Jan 11

Yesterday I talked about the impression that westerners get of Indian people by their behavior in public. To tell you the truth, the image that many Indian people have of people of western countries – be it Europe, America, Australia or any other place that is considered ‘western’ – is that they are fully open about their sexuality. They believe it is a ‘free sex culture’ in which everybody can have sex with anybody at any time. And when an Indian person comes to another country and sees how boys and girls are kissing or hugging on the street, additionally with lighter clothes than Indians are used to wear, he sees themselves confirmed in their opinion. Unfortunately this makes some of them also think that it is easy to have sex with any western girl and in the consequence they try which sometimes leaves both them and the girl embarrassed.

I may have mentioned before that after my first trip to Europe I was asked by an Indian person ‘When people go out of their house and go on the street there, then they wear clothes, right?’ The average Indian person who does not know more about western countries than what he has seen on TV may think that you can ask anybody in the west to have sex with you and they would not mind it. They get to know that in the west people tend to change their partners, sometimes very quickly, that many people don’t get married and have different boyfriends and girlfriends each week, month or year. This enforces this impression very strongly.

Of course western tourists also contribute to this image. When western people come to India and have not informed themselves about the culture, they sometimes walk around in clothes that attract everybody’s attention. Short skirts and necklines that show half of the breasts are just not common in Indian clothing. We learned here that when westerners discovered Kovalam beach as a great location, women started topless sunbathing there – an absolute sensation for Indians. And of course there are men and women who come to India and are looking to have an affair, some short relation or a holiday romance while they are here. It is not really a wonder that uneducated Indian people who don’t know too much of the world get this impression.

Well, I am sure that with globalization and education, also this impression will slowly start to change.

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  1. Eni Osso

    In the West, sex is often treated as an object of consumption and trade, so many family problems and relationship problems. Most religions prohibit some practices but has no knowledge of sacred sexuality and family value. Young people learn… on the streets, schools, sex bizarre, distorted, because they do not receive consistent teaching and discipline. Worst they can not find good examples of family life espiritual.Com globalization the information they are predominant, live and do anything to take pleasure immediately.
    Am Public Health Nurse and served for 15 years in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV / AIDS and counseling for individuals, families and youth groups in Brazil.

  2. Tanya

    Your way, right away, at burger king now.

  3. Deniz

    Many years ago when I first started investigating Eastern thought, I expected to find a big change from the prudish and irrational attitudes toward sex of Western religions. I was surprised to find that Eastern attitudes are often just as prudish. However, I admire the custom there of not making a public display of sex and sex intimacy, which I think is much more dignified than Western habits of making public shows of this. The problem is that non-religious Western people are not taught values about this, so they are not taught to look at this behavior and see it objectively in light of moral values. Attitudes toward sex in the West have been very cyclical. In the “roaring” 1920s urban US, there were much “free sex” attitudes. This all changed after the Great Depression and after World War 2, when the US largely returned to the Victorian attitudes that preceded the 1920s. Then during the “sexual revolution” of the 1960s and 70s, there was a pendulum shift back to “free sex” attitudes. After AIDS emerged in the early 80s, attitudes shifted back again to more sex restraint. Now problems of promiscuity are mainly among the young and less affluent in the US. More educated and more affluent people in the US are much more sexually restrained than the less educated and affluent, especially among those who are over 21 years old. The Western mass entertainment culture gives impressions of much more sexual freedom here than there actually is in the real world.

  4. Emily

    I find it very interesting to compare East and West in terms of sexual appropriateness. It is generally assumed that Western people dress with more sexual openness and have pre-marital sex regularly. You would think that this makes the West more sexually open in all ways… yet the U.S. has prudish values when it comes to the naked human body. The East is actually more comfortable with general nudity… maybe because they restrict sexual activity in other ways..?

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