God is not against Condoms and Contraceptives – 24 Nov 10


While writing yesterday’s diary, I had another thought. Doctors here in India also let people know that a woman’s risk of cervical cancer gets higher with each birth. A woman with seven children is thus a lot more likely to get cervical cancer than a mother of one. It thus increases the risk of dying. The Holy Father said it is okay to use a condom to prevent spreading of HIV, it is okay if you use a condom in order to save life instead of preventing life from coming into existence. So would it be fine to use a condom to prevent cervical cancer, too?

Well, I guess not, if you think of his model solution for preventing AIDS infections altogether: celibacy! Yes, if you don’t want more children, just don’t have sex, don’t waste your sperm and don’t kill unborn – and un-conceived – life through birth control. As I said yesterday, this might also be the solution to India’s population problem wouldn’t it be such an impossible thing to do. You just cannot teach celibacy to people who sign with fingerprints and couldn’t care less about how many people there are in their country. What about the relation of an educated Western couple who got married, has two children and doesn’t want to have more? Again, the answer would be abstinence, right?

Apart from the fact that I see celibacy as a fully wrong concept that suppresses a very natural urge, I have to say that I strongly oppose the idea that God would not like us to use birth control. Do you really oppose God’s creation if you use condoms or the birth control pill? I don’t want to go into the discussion if those hormones are good for your body or which contraceptive is most natural. I want to ask the Pope, the Catholic Church or just everybody who is of that opinion, do you really think that you can oppose God’s creation? If He wants life to come to this world, do you think you can do anything against that? How powerful do you think you are?

Isn’t that an extreme over-estimation of yourself? God is the one who gives and takes life, not you. Even if you use a condom perfectly, it is only a 98% guarantee that you don’t get pregnant. Most people even only get a 85% guarantee because they don’t use it really properly. So what do you think, if God wanted a life to come, He would not find a way? After all He is the one who is behind the idea that we should reproduce. By the way, He is also the one behind the invention of birth control measurements, so don’t believe that He didn’t want people to start using them.

No, you cannot convince me in this way and you cannot convince millions of people who would like to enjoy the natural sexual urge of their body in a healthy and safe way.

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  1. Your statement that God is the one behind birth control inventions is such a powerful and beautiful concept which so many people fail to understand. Perhaps our egos are so overblown that we think we are in charge, but God is in control of everything. If we could become more humble (I mean more in awe of the vastness of God) then we might see that God has given us so many beautiful opportunities to be happy, to explore, to come into a greater awareness of who we are and who God is. I believe you are the best example of this as you teach us every day that “our destiny is Love and Love is the way.” Thank you deeply for your wisdom and your love.

  2. There are many written scripts that state that the passion shared between two people is a sacred one. Aside from the great benefit to body, mind and spirit, it is a sacred prayer to some in gratitude to our creator in this beautiful act of… intimacy and love. I do not see any such act as a waste, and if it were then every time a couple came together, there would be a baby.. so no unborn children killed.. just simply not the time in their lives. To make this act one of shame is denying the loving spirit of God (in my humble opinion) and stops intimacy on so many levels for in shame the act is done simply for pleasure not an expression of love.. No shame means a complete giving of yourself and allowing the person of your affection to see you in your complete glory that we are born with.. love, tenderness and vulnerability which brings us closer to one another.. Being against condoms and contraceptives is simply a form of control.. I personally would not allow control of my life THAT deeply.. -smiles- loving hugs to you Swami Ji..

  3. I am agree with you Mary, that intimacy in between two people is something full of love and full of God. Nobody should bring this conflict of guilt and shame into this beautiful act.Love and Hugs to you

  4. I know a few people myself who were born while their mothers were on birth control. People still, after all the science developed, feel an air of magic and mystery around reproduction, and since it blows their minds they try to regulate it. Then again, if the pope didn’t keep up with all the stuffy old rule it would be a bad move for him politically, i think people would realize how outdated he is and might actually begin to question him.

  5. Life and reproduction are sacred. It is a union between two people, blessed by god to bring life in to this world. Life is sacred, reproduction is sacred, and we get to be a part of these things. We are blessed. I understand why birth control is a hard issue. The soul is in the body and God is the originator of the soul. So controlling when a body is created is like controlling when a soul is given. But our God is big. He is bigger than just the dealing of our births and deaths. I think he knows what he’s doing, and to be honest I think he gets along just fine despite or meddling.

  6. I can understand condoms being okay, but contraceptives seem a bit much. Right, condoms stop the process from even beginning and plus they fight the spread of diseases. But contraceptives can destroy life that has actually begun! I just don’t think that’s right.

  7. I think people freak out about stuff like this because they think we’re more important than we actually are. But we’re not! despite whatever we’re doing people are still going to be born and die just like always and we don’t have that much control.

  8. God is in favor of sex for pleasure, as well as contraception! There is an effective way of naturally preventing pregnancy– by following the calendar of the menstrual cycle, you are aware of the days of ovulation and you avoid having sex around that period. It actually is effective if you have a regular-enough schedule and can avoid sex on those days. God made it so that we can enjoy sex and not have millions of babies! And our medical and scientific advances have allowed us to create other types of contraceptives too… God wants peace and love on the planet… sex included. 🙂

  9. If God would be against condoms and contraceptives, we wouldn’t have the intelligence to invent and produce these! But he gave us the ability to think, he gave us hands to create and he gave us the ressources, that we are taking from the nature. So, can it really be against his will, if we use condoms and contraceptives?

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