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Population of India Blasts and Pope Bans Contraceptives – 23 Nov 10

I had to think a little bit more about the Pope’s idea of using condoms for preventing HIV from spreading but not as a contraceptive. The Catholic Church with the Pope as its head says that people should not use birth control. Anyway, sex before marriage is completely unthinkable and comes close to a mortal sin, so they are not talking about one-night-stands, single sex or partners who did not decide to unite in the holy bond of matrimony. That is anyway evil, so let’s keep discussing intercourse in a marriage, absolutely legal intercourse according to Catholicism.

Why exactly are you not supposed to use condoms? Their answer is that you are trying to prevent life, you are practically opposing creation. Each time that you have sex and each time that the man has an orgasm could be one more life on this earth and you practically kill that life before it even started if you use condoms or birth control pills.

If we follow this thought it means that the Catholic Church wants a couple to get married and as soon as possible have children. When one child is born, don’t control anything, let the second one happen! And another one, and another one… wait, is that really the idea? Living here in India we hear many doctors telling illiterate and uneducated families not to produce a lot of offspring, and that for several cogent reasons.

India is a country with a population growing so fast, that it could in 15 to 20 years outgrow the population of China. Five or more children in a family are not a rarity. Uneducated farmers like the thought of having many sons who can work on their fields. Additionally the business would stay in family, you can trust them and you don’t need to pay anybody from outside. They don’t realize that feeding seven children may be even more costly than paying salary to extra workers. In their eyes their children are the provision for their old age. Everybody wants to have many children although they sometimes don’t even have the money to feed themselves. What should their children live from?

There are many grievances in India and charity workers from India and all over the world try to tell people that they should only have one or two children. The government tried to lower the birth rate in many ways. They spent millions of Rupees educating people on family planning and paying money to those who have sterilizations and vasectomies done. This all for a reason: if India’s population keeps on growing, the poverty in the country will take overhand, there are not enough schools even today, there is a big shortage of doctors and so many people live and die in situations of extremely poor hygiene simply because they don’t have enough space.

So if it is a sin to use birth control methods such as condoms, India will just keep on growing. To educated people, the idea of not using birth control seems old-fashioned, outdated and simply irresponsible. The Holy Father’s answer to this would probably be celibacy again. Just don’t have sex if you don’t want to have children. But you cannot teach people abstinence if you have difficulties teaching them the alphabet! Is it really a sin to use condoms in this country? Would the Pope make an exception and allow Indian Christians to use artificial birth control? Or is India just not a place for Catholics?

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  1. Deniz

    According to Wikipedia, only 2.3% of Indians are even Christian, let alone Catholic, so fortunately the Vatican has little influence there. In any case, it’s a shame that humanity will only learn of needs to control population only after letting it get completely out of control, with all the consequent damages. When I was a teenager long ago, I learned of the idea of ZPG – Zero Population Growth – which recognizes that a wise species would harmonize its population growth with the capacities of nature and resources to sustain such growth, without damage to either the human quality of life or to nature. I was an immediate convert to this view, because it made total sense to me. But not most of the rest of the world. It has been sad since then to watch populations burgeoning exponentially out of control with all the devastation of nature and to the quality of human life that came with it. I hope for a time when people will gain self-control over their urges to procreate, and a time when this will be the norm around the world rather than the exception.

  2. Abi Charlie Mansley

    The Pope’s thinking is a massive challenge to the future of our planet

  3. Armin

    In Germany we have the spacial case that the population is going slowly down. And what happened? Instead of thinking about inviting people from other countrys and be happy that at least in Germany the population is going down they force the germans to have more children. From my point of view very strange.

  4. Ramona

    It is true, when there are more and more people in a country, there is less and less space for nature, for plants and animals. A main reason for this growth however is that people are not educated and don’t understand why they should not have seven or eight children. And the Catholic Church still thinks contraception is wrong… it doesn’t matter how small of a percentage of Christians are in India, this is a problem all over the world.Thank you Deniz for your comments, hope everything is alright there!

  5. Ramona

    Someone once said me that Germans are about to be extinct, like a rare species. I had to laugh about this point of view. The whole world is one, why would you not like it if Germans marry people from other countries and have children with them? It is so beautiful to see love in between people of different cultures and – by the way – mix babies are the cutest! 🙂 Love and many greetings to you Armin!

  6. Armin

    I totaly agree Ramona, the whole world is one!But indeed german media and the politicians are making everybody crazy by telling again and again that the Germans are about to extinct, and of course our politicians use this as argument to lower the pensions. And on the other hand it seems to be very difficult to marry a person who lifes outside the european union, I know a example from a friend of mine who married a nigerian woman, he had massiv problems to bring his wife over to germany after the marriage. So, german politic is as strange as everywere in the world, I guess. And indeed mix babies are the cutest! 🙂

  7. Sally

    It’s true, mixed babies ARE the cutest.

  8. Haley Kearns

    India is not a place for Catholics. obviously the world revolves around Rome, otherwise the pope wouldn’t be there gettin’ all holy. Though you might expect someone with unlimited funds and a direct channel to God to be a little bit more informed, but I think people prefer their Gods one-sided an lame, and God’s human delegates even lamer. If I were to pray to a God, it would be one a lot smarter than this God.

  9. Rebekah

    OMG I can’t imagine India having any more people on it!

  10. Emily

    The ideas and reasons proposed by religions are seeming more and more ridiculous. If you compare science to religion, scientific ideas are winning over. But spirituality can go beyond both. It’s possible to accept scientific truth and still live by spiritual principles and guidelines. This is the transition being made in the world.

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