Spiritual Sex Tourism – 12 May 10


Once I was talking with a friend about the image that Westerners have in India. With India still being conservative and traditional in many ways, some people have the idea that sex in the west is something that everybody has with everyone.

Of course we laughed about this idea but then we also thought about where this comes from. It is known that the west is more free about sex but who really brings this idea to India is of course the tourists. My friend called it ‘spiritual sex tourism’. There are many people who come to India and travel there on their own to find their peace of mind, to find guidance in their lives or searching for the meaning of life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately however they combine this search for peace with the search for sexual experiences.

For many this is the perfect place, far away from their usual surroundings, to do something they would never do at home. For some of them this means sleeping with many different people on one journey and for others it even means cheating on their partner. Many include drugs in this experience, too. So do you wonder that the general image of a western tourist is not a very good one?

Everyone knows that people go to Thailand for having cheap sex. We were joking and said that it looks like those with spiritual interests come to India. Because sex is the most spiritual thing! But seriously, think about it: it is really sad that this image is created. And again I want to say that your spiritual acts should not hurt anybody.

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  1. it is really interesting to read this as someone who came to India and has watched others from the US go to India and knowing what it feels like to have thoughts about the country. I think a lot of people feel more free to do things in another place, it is exciting and new and if you are trying something as new as being in a whole different place then it feels okay to try new behaviors too.Having said that, while I was in India I found myself getting several offers for sex daily. Virtually every time I went in public, and that is NOT something that would happen in my home country. I also don’t think that Indian men run around talking to Indian women that way… So, there is an error on both side. I know American’s often seem over-sexed, I can understand why it seems that way and perhaps it’s a reality. hmmm, so much to consider!
    Thanks Swami Ji!

  2. It is beyond me why someone would want to travel just to have sex anyway…but more so, why India? It is known to be more conservative in that regard… I understand Thailand, but sex tourism in India just doesn’t make sense. But maybe it’s because people associate spirituality with India and believe that they will achieve spiritual gains from having sex there combined with mind-altering drug experiences. Well…people do interesting things.

  3. Everyone should be free and able to express his sexuality in the way which makes him feel good. The only problem might be, that people come to India with wrong expectations. The inner peace can’t be found in endless sex with strangers and using drugs. Following this path you won’t be able to find yourself, but to lose yourself.

  4. A few years ago, before college I was much more naive and actually I still am, but I used to watch these tv shows that depicted sex as something that didn’t really mean anything it was just something someone had with someone else, there were no emotions involved, you just did it. I thought that this was only really in the movies, but then I went to school and found that in actually there was this mentality amongst people…and I couldn’t believe it, still can’t actually, it’s such an odd concept for me. I was always taught that it was something special that was shared only with a special person…

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