Cheating while being Honest is not Possible – 1 May 10


I met a man here in Germany once and I knew that he had a wife and children in India. When I saw him here getting intimate and not only with one but with several different women at different times, I asked him: ‘What happened and what are you doing? Don’t you have a wife and children waiting for you at home?’

He said oh, yes, but what to do, I have been away from there for so long. I also have feelings but I don’t do anything. I am fully honest, I only enjoy from the outside. I only hug and touch and rub, I never take off my clothes or penetrate. And you don’t need to, you can enjoy fully and have an orgasm like this. So you see: I do not cheat my wife and I am fully honest.

Do you understand now what I wrote about in day before yesterday’s diary entry? Cheating is not only the physical act of sexual intercourse.

I received a mail of a friend who said something true, she said that cheating already starts in the head. Who wishes and imagines to be touched by another person is already cheating. It is true, that person is certainly not in full love and devotion with his or her partner.

4 Replies to “Cheating while being Honest is not Possible – 1 May 10”

  1. this is the problem with guidelines for health becoming rules and absolutes, people treat them as if there were a strict line to cross. instead of “am I breaking the rules and cheating,” which is against the rules, a person should be asking “is this harmful for me or for people I love?”

  2. I think you are right about this… Cheating isn’t just the act of sexual intercourse. A kiss is cheating; even flirtation could be cheating depending on your attitude. In this way, cheating is in the mind… what is your goal? attitude? feeling? That’s what determines the value of your behavior.