Small Size Condoms for Youth – 22 Jul 10


My little friend Celina – who seems to grow each day – was reading a magazine some days ago. It was called ‘BRAVO’ and was about popstars, singers and actors, had posters in there and some articles with many pictures. When she reached the last page, she started laughing and showed us all what was written there. In the next edition you would get a ‘Youth Condom’ for free along with the magazine.

We were all a little amazed. What was that, a Youth Condom? Well, the obvious answer is the right one, a condom for young people. It would probably be smaller than the normal one. Some days passed and the next edition of the magazine came on the market yesterday. We bought it especially because I wanted to know what that was!

So we unpacked and indeed: it was a small-size condom and on the page a full description on how to use it with pictures as well as a kind of measuring tape to find out the right condom size! They tell to put this piece of paper around the erect penis and first measure girth and afterwards length which will give you a letter and a number: your condom size. I even went on the website and saw that this company sells condoms in 55 different sizes! For them it is surely a good marketing idea.

When I see this all, I am a little bit confused: I cannot decide if this is good or bad. Should I write in favor of this or should I oppose it? Anyhow, hearing or seeing this is strange but thinking of it can bring two different opinions.

This condom is not meant to be used by an adult, it is smaller than adult size. So that means for a penis that is not fully grown yet. On one hand I ask if it is necessary to make this condom and advertise it in a children’s magazine? This encourages them to buy and try it out, start their sexual life at the age of 10 to 12 already. Experiments with their little things at an age where all functions are not fully developed and the mind surely not fully ready yet.

On the other hand I feel it is good so that they can save themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. Some day and often rather earlier than later they will start having sex anyway because of society, culture and atmosphere around them. And of course there are definitely natural sexual feelings that children also have. I have written about this before, too, stating that these feelings are there and are expressed depending on their surroundings.

Another thought is about measuring the size and the offer of 55 different sizes. Is it right to educate in this way how you can find the right size or will that create a complex in a soft boy’s mind that his penis should have a certain size even though he is still growing up? They start comparing after reading this, what do their friends have, what is normal and what is not. Is this sexuality normal? But if there was no condom advertisement they would not be encouraged to do that. So are we nearly forcing them into trying it by giving them the tools to do it safely?

So what is the right thing to do? Think if you have a young boy or girl, how you would like to educate your son and daughter about sex. Would you buy small-size condoms for them while you are shopping for toys? Or would you leave it to them when they have enough interest themselves? If you have an opinion, please post a comment below. I am looking forward to read different opinions and what you decide for you because I don’t know what to decide for myself.

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15 Replies to “Small Size Condoms for Youth – 22 Jul 10”

  1. Oh, no! This strikes me as yet another terrible example of social and cultural degeneration and decay! I’m sure this is not something you would want to tell the children at your school about. Children should be taught that sexual behavior comes with great consequences, both in karmic and practical terms. It is something for a relationship of strong love, friendship, and mutual commitment. Parents should teach this on the basis of their own good example too. Children should see that their parents practice these values. If they insist on playing first, let them at least wait until they are full grown!

  2. For those who do not read German a short English summary:The magazine ‘Bravo’ made a survey and found that condoms are the most used contraceptive for youngsters from 11 to 17. And they tell them that the condoms are mostly too big for them.
    So they came to the conclusion that if boys have the experience in the beginning that the condoms always slide off and do not really fit, they will not like using them anymore…

  3. The question is actually not IF they should use a condom, the question is from what age we should tell them to?Is it really necessary to give condoms to an 11 year old?

  4. I think it is important to offer protection and knowledge that it is out there. Of course there is no way to keep it from being marketed the same way candy or clothing is, and something about that does feel wrong, and yet in the end I think it is important. A boy can impregnate a woman, and if ill-fitting condoms mean that the kids will go unprotected than the risk of STD is also higher. also, you have to make the small condoms look cool or kids will be embarrassed to buy ones that small. Condoms are just needed all around, not matter how uncomfortable it may make adults to think about. and

  5. Although I wasn’t “ready” in so many senses, nothing was going to stop me from having sex when I was young. And I thought no one was doing it…You often here arguments against condom distribution or promotion in youth because it will encourage them to have sex…Just saying, I did it despite.

  6. Good. I’m glad. Kids have sex really young now (which is not different from other parts of the world, and it’s also not wrong it’s just not as safe and controllable as we’d like) They need to know how to protect.

  7. I agree that it seems a bit strange and off-putting, but I think I am still in favor of this. The truth is, kids become curious about sex at a young age. They will experimenht on their own with or without the help of society and youth condoms. I would hope that parents play a role in educating their children about sex so that they aren’t suppressed or naive about it. And I also think that it’s good to have different sized condoms so that they actually do what they are supposed to do! If they’re going to have sex, they might as well wear a condom… if they’re going to wear a condom, it might as well fit!

  8. At first this sounds funny. But at least the idea isn’t bad. Sure, many parents want to keep away all sexual stuff from their children and therefore don’t want them to read such magazines. But isn’t it better to have a teenager who is educated about the risks of sex, then to have one who has problems with his sexuality?