Three Men and one Baby – who is the Father? – 23 Jul 08


Once a woman came for a healing session somewhere and told me her problem. She said: “I am pregnant but I don’t know who the father is. I have three friends, two are single, one is married and one of them is the father.” To one of the single men she told that she was pregnant and since then he had not talked any word with her anymore. Now she was afraid, if she told the others, too, they would do the same.

She said: “I don’t know what to do now; I do not want to have an abortion. Now I have to pay for my child myself because I don’t know who the father is. The man whom I told it, he has relations with a couple of other women, too, and I was always thinking how any man can have a relation with several women. And now I am doing the same. I know, I have repeated this mistake after 15 years. The same thing happened in that time and my son is now 15 years old.”

She said that she was always shocked how many men have several women but she realized that she had done the same. I replied that I hear that many times because people share with me their most intimate situations. When I said this, she was very relieved that she was not the only one.

In this kind of situation I also do not have a big answer. I said her, yes, now it is like this. I gave her healing and many blessings for her and her child. But of course I would like to say that people should take a bit more care. There are things on the market which can avoid not only pregnancy but also sexually transmissible diseases. Your body is the temple of your soul. Take care.

4 Replies to “Three Men and one Baby – who is the Father? – 23 Jul 08”

  1. When I search myself or others for advice sometimes I don’t notice that what I am looking for is a way to continue to be resistant to my circumstances. I may be looking for something to do to change the circumstances when there is no way to change them. And then I may resort to finding advice that replaces a bad image of myself with one I like better. And I notice that my stress continues through this process and afterwords. Reading this I realize that the best advice I can give myself is nonresistance; “Yes now it is like this.”

  2. it is not so uncommon to have more than one possibility I think, though it does make for drama. It does seem unfair in a very big way that sex con be so consequential for women and it almost never is for men… but there is nothing you can do about the differences between the bodies in this way. This is one of the few things to which I can only respond “that is the way it is.”

  3. If you need to change your sexual partners very often, that’s your decision and if you feel good with that, then you shouldn’t take care about what others might think about you. But if you know, that you don’t use any contraceptive, shouldn’t you just stop for a minute and think what it means to a child not to have a father or not to know anything about him?

  4. Your body is a temple for your heart and soul and so many people forget this and choose to break their bodies or starve themselves, misuse and abuse it in so many ways according to the media or according to the times that are prevelant. In the case of this woman now…I know that we are human and we make mistakes but now another life is at stake, not only hers but the life of her unborn child…definitely care should be taken in the future…