No Opinions on Sex from the free Western Countries? – 24 Jul 10


Day before yesterday I wrote in the diary about small condoms sold in magazines. I asked my readers to give an opinion in the form of a comment. We see that many people are reading and especially this topic with much interest.

I usually receive some comments, not necessarily posted on the website but by email or in other ways. This time however, there was one comment only. Nobody wrote a response even though I asked for an opinion. I asked how they would deal with this kind of topic if they would be in this situation, if the question came into their house to buy these small condoms or not. For their son or daughter, what would be the solution?

This gives a sign about the topic of sex and how people deal with it. Here in the west people say everything is free, everybody deals freely with sex and sex education. You can feel though that this is not true. You do see sex shops and magazines which you will still not see in a country like India. And sex is everywhere, in nearly every advertisement, newspaper or book you buy.

We know that most of our readers are from the west, not from India. We got no response. So it seems that even here sex is still in a way a taboo. With a couple of people I had some interaction about this topic and they feel that it is strange but they maybe don’t know how to express their opinion. Or is it because people like to give lectures to others but get silent when it comes to their own family?

The interesting thing is that I wanted to gather opinions from both sides, those who are in favor and those who are against it. None of the two sides answered. There was nobody who spoke against condoms for children but also nobody who liked the idea. Maybe they feel one thing in their heart and don’t have the courage to express it? Are they confused like me, not knowing if they should be in favor or against it? Or would they like to avoid this topic and not decide whether it is right or wrong, actually hide and look away?

We will try again and give readers the possibility just to press one button and show if you are in favor or against it. Here is a survey, fully anonymous, for just finding out what the general opinion is. I would still be interested to read your lines and words but for those who are too shy we made this survey. So you just need to tic Yes or No and then click ‘Next’. You will immediately see the results, without any names, just how many people clicked on Yes or on No:

8 Replies to “No Opinions on Sex from the free Western Countries? – 24 Jul 10”

  1. HI ALL….I do not have children that’s why I first thought may I should leave it to thous who have kinds to answer this topic …. but me as prat of this Human race have also a responsibility for this wold and the futures of this race. I do not like that idea at all! We should give our kids the freedom to grow and learn and not put sex in they head !
    It will come naturally when the time is right for it. To be honest I hate this idea of marketing teenage condoms… it is again… like so many other things for example beauty …. all about money and power… with out taking respond of wellbe and peace of other Souls. That is himsa to me !

    My name is Suli and I hate it !

  2. HelloI have children that are now adults, I gave them and their friends condoms at about 15 years of age. I also gave them a lecture that it wasnt a licence to have sex without love. They have all managed to stay child and std free, and are quite sexually balanced.

  3. I am also childfree (and I feel very strongly about personal choice on the matter, and that people should really want children before they have them)
    There are a few reasons why not many people have responded:
    1) the people who subscribe to this blog (who don’t represent The West!) are so liberal we have stopped bothering about moral panic!
    2) the people who subscribe to this blog don’t know enough about the topic – it was the first I had heard about it too – and not having seen the article or the way the condoms are marketed makes it hard to make an informed judgement. You are right though, there is a fine line to tread in marketing contraception to young teenagers, without promoting sexual relationships before people are ready

    I think that the whole sphere of children having sexual relationships before they can make mature commitments is a topic on its own, here just one element has been picked – the contraception. I would say, what is worse? – an STD, AIDS even, an unwanted pregnancy, an abortion, a young frustrated single mother?

    But maybe one of the main reasons why not many people responded is that personally I subscribe to this blog via facebook using my mobile phone. To create then a password for myself and to log in has meant I have come to my laptop to do so another day! Then the login box is impossible to fill in as the beige text bar “home – healing work – workshops – chakras” etc completely obscures the login box!

    Anyway, Om Shanti, hope you are enjoying Germany, even though you like teasing its culture slighly!

  4. Yes, of course, people should use condoms whenever they have sex, no question about that! And at some point you will need to tell your children about sex but what about your 11-year-old? Is that already the right time?Thank you for commenting despite difficulties with login, we will work on making that easier as soon as possible.
    And yes, I love Germany and with a German wife I cannot help but teasing them from time to time…

  5. It’s funny that no one commented on the blog when you posted it. But I see now that people have commented. Maybe they were confused about how they felt. But I think this is a good example of how lots of Westerners don’t want to share a strong opinion unless they know it will be accepted well. Maybe they were afraid to comment until they saw what other people said or knew what you would think of it. It’s funny how people are.