You Cheated on Me, I Cheat on You – 2 May 10

I have heard many explanations why people cheated but one of the most senseless one was: She/He also cheated on me! For me, this is the worst reason that you can mention for anything. If another person is dishonest, why do you become dishonest, too? Just because another person steals or murders, you don’t have to become criminal. Then you are not a tiny bit different, then you cheat just in the same way.

Did it hurt you when you found out that she or he cheated on you? If so, why do you want to do the same thing? Do you think it will give your partner the same pain? Then it is nothing but revenge which is never good. And then also, why would your partner feel hurt like you, if he or she was the first one to be untrue?

And if both of you accept that you are cheating on each other, why do you call yourselves a couple? As I said already, then you are cheating yourself. Then you can go your own ways. Otherwise from that your dishonesty can grow, if you for example try to hide your cheating by lying and if you made one lie you have to cover it with 100 more lies.

4 Replies to “You Cheated on Me, I Cheat on You – 2 May 10”

  1. I have heard some leaders before suggesting that there is healing in cheating on your spouse if they cheated on you, so long as the spouse is aware it’s happening. This seems crazy to me, but lots of people believe crazy thing about sex.

  2. Revenge is actually never that sweet. You don’t get as much gratification out of hurting someone else as you would out of forgiving them. It’s clear that if both partners in a couple are cheating on each other, then they simply shouldn’t be together anymore! I hope people can see the truth, forgive themselves and their partner, and move on with love in their hearts.

  3. Revenge is never a solution and just a sign of being callow. It hurts, but at least it makes you stronger when you don’t use such methods and find your own way to get out of this situation.

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