Polygamy and its Consequences – 24 Jul 08

I have many friends all over the world and most of them believe in monogamous relationships. Others think that it is better, healthier and more fun to have several partners. They try and maybe succeed for a while to live in a ‘free relationship’. I have seen some attempts in this way but it never worked out on the long run.

It can also lead to very funny situations. One of my friends, a supporter of modern polygamy, once told me which situation he got into: He was going for a walk with his lover when another couple approached them. At a distance of a few meters he saw that it was his wife with her lover. They all knew each other and so they stood there for a while and had a nice talk. As it was a popular way for walkers, many people came by and one couple more stopped when they saw them: It was his lover’s husband and his lover. He said the introduction that followed was the best part: Dear husband, this is my lover and his wife. Dear Lover, this is my husband and his lover. Dear wife, this is my lover, her husband, his lover and the lover’s husband. What a great system! 

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