Connection between Sex and losing Weight – 22 May 14

Today I would like to discuss an interesting theory and give you something which I normally refrain from: give advice. Advice on how to lose weight.

It is already quite a while ago that I received this precious jewel of knowledge, this secret on how to lose weight, the real truth why some people seem to eat just a bit and straight away gain pounds while others can eat and eat without ever losing their perfectly sized figure.

The woman who was so generous to share it with me was herself quite overweight. When the topic somehow turned to this fact, she had a very clear explanation for her situation: I don’t have sex! All my friends around me are thin but I know why: they have lots of good sex! I don’t – that’s why I am fat!

Now you can already imagine what I would like to tell all those people today who have issues with their weight: have sex! Yes, I can assure you, even if you don’t like going to the gym, if you don’t feel like getting up in the early morning to go for a run, if you just don’t have the time to ride your bicycle, turn to this form of exercise and you will love the effect!

It is the perfect way of losing weight: it doesn’t affect your diet, you can do it while in bed, in the office, in the kitchen, in the living room or anywhere else and, most importantly, if you do it properly, you will enjoy it like nothing else!

Obviously, there are a few guidelines to follow if you would like to reap full benefits: never do it half-heartedly, give your full effort, don’t be lazy but make sure both of you got to enjoy your sexercise to the fullest!

Of course, the only drawback is, that it is most effective with a partner. However, you don’t need anybody with previous knowledge, it is very intuitive. In fact, there is a certain charm in doing this workout with less experienced participants. This can actually even give you a better effect in your efforts to lose weight.

You can even further improve your practice, go deeper in your training and even focus on different areas of your body. And the more you do, the more toned your thighs, hips and belly will get!

So, could I convince you of this way to lose any weight you don’t want anymore? I am convinced of it and an enthusiastic advocate of it – and I am definitely a happy man considering that my wife weighed at least ten kilograms more when I met her first. 🙂

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