Competition and Self-Esteem – 29 Jan 10

I shortly mentioned already that many people quickly start comparing when they are doing something in a group like working out with several people. Of course a lot of sports are about competition, running faster, jumping higher and throwing more far. In these sports you will have difficulties if you try not to think in a competitive way. And then for those who have problems with their low self-esteem the chances that this will not be much fun to them are high. A person who thinks of himself that everybody is laughing about him if he is not the first to reach the goal will only be fine if he really reaches the goal first.

So if we go back to the example of your daily workout in a group I would suggest you to keep the thoughts of comparison under control. Do something together, a game for example or also yoga exercises together. And again: just enjoy! In general it doesn’t make sense to compare yourself with anyone. You are unique and you are you. If you all the time look at other people’s lives and see what they are doing in comparison to what you are doing, you will not be happy. If you don’t reach where they are reaching you feel bad and if you feel good for a while because you achieved something better than the others, then how will you feel when they also get there? Let’s say you have just been promoted and are now in a very good post with good reputation. Now you think that you are in this way much better than your friends but a year later one of your friends gets a much better job. Now what?

If you keep on comparing you will be unhappy your whole life long, striving for more, wanting something better than you have. Be happy, look at your life and realize that it is great!

4 Replies to “Competition and Self-Esteem – 29 Jan 10”

  1. I think competition should always include team manship that encourages compassion and betterment of your fellow teammate.. when that focus is lost, then the individual’s ego grows leaving it again separate from the ONeNess of team.. the oneness of humanity.. big loving hugs.. always a pleasure reading your insights.. thank you for the blessing today..

  2. While reading your post I have recalled the art camps I had luck to participate in. Everything went so fine there till the farewell exhibition, because the awards to the best destroy the sense of oneness at a glimpse. I had luck to be a winner many times, yet was that my success or the obstacles I was to overcome to become as “one of you”?So what conclusion could be made? Wish to win wasn’t my goal neither then nor now. I see the competition as a test of our faith. There the talking about any personal achievements mean only the failure to continue to see the life through the eyes of a child within us.
    Your post awaken me and helped not to forget above. Thank you for the mentoring through sharing the wisdom of love.

  3. Your response – thanksgiving to Swami Ji – was like a blessing to me too. It is so fine when people express their gratitude openly and loudly. Giving thanks to other demands greater wisdom than any projects and inspires others the most too. So your response was of great support to me too.

  4. Wow, this just hit me! If you have low self-esteem, competition will not be fun for you because you will feel terrible if you don’t win. This is something I have been working on for a long time but this statement just woke me up inside. I have often avoided competition because I thought I just didn’t enjoy the feeling– but really I was ashamed to lose. Wow. By improving my self-esteem I could actually enjoy competition for the sake of being fun. This is new! Thank you for the insight, Swami Ji.
    Much love.

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