You Are Complete as You Are – 1 Aug 10


When I write as I have been writing in the last diary entries, some people ask me what they should do if they cannot trust in their therapists or healers. They realize that those people to whom they go for spiritual advice simply try to make them afraid in the way that I was writing about in the last days and also before.

I understand this problem. Where can you turn if you want to heal in a way that a doctor cannot tell you? What do you do if those of whom you think they know turn out to be cheating or at least not truly interested in your benefit?

My answer to this is simple but it can be difficult for some, too. You need to trust in love and find it in yourself. You have everything in you that is necessary for you to go on your path of healing or of love and light.

Sometimes it is difficult to see that we can go deep into ourselves and there find a source of peace and love. However one time when you are there, you will realize it and you will feel that what I call God. Meditation is a good method to reach there, Mantras are, too, and a wonderful daily practice: remember that you have this love inside, bring it to the outside! You do not need any fake therapist or healer, you are complete as you are!

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  1. How is it possible just to believe you are special and then suddenly not need therapy? I am new to this, maybe the answer is obvious to everyone else. I am just not sure what another option would be.

  2. Jerome,
    I know for some people hearing that “peace and love” is the answer can seem like a cop-out or just some hippy nonsense. But have you considered peace? Have you considered love?
    Try taking some time from what you normally do to give yourself an opportunity just to sit and consider these two things. Taking time makes all the difference.

    I wish you peace AND love.

  3. Beautiful. It is amazing to realize that everything you have been searching for externally all lies within. We have everything we need in order to heal inside us. So powerful and yet so hard to see and feel at times. It’s very simple and is a message we need to share with the world.

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