Feel Beautiful without Make-up! – 8 Dec 08


I talked about make-up yesterday and I wanted to add something. Often women say ‘I do make up for myself, not to show it to anybody. I want to feel beautiful and be happy because of this feeling.’ As I said yesterday, it is good, this can give a little push for a good mood as many people have a good mood when they are just wearing clothes that they bought new and in which they feel beautiful. But I want to emphasize that you need to feel beautiful also if you are not wearing these clothes and if you are not wearing makeup. You do not need to wear this mask and costume to feel beautiful. Otherwise you will not feel beautiful anymore when you wash your face in the evening and change clothes?

Beauty depends on perception. If you love someone, is it your partner, a friend, or a family member, you will see beauty in that person because his or her soul is beautiful to you. When someone comes for a healing session I recommend not wearing make-up. I like to see the real face, not the mask. I give make-up for the soul, so there is no need to wear make-up for the body. I believe that each soul has its beauty.

It was a wonderful stay in Lüneburg and now we will start our journey to Cologne. I will be back here in February for the Law of Healing seminar. 

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  1. My sister used to spend at least an hour putting on makeup everyday. She did not love herself then. now she feels confident and goes out without much makeup at all, I am proud that she feels good about herself finally.

  2. At home in the UK, I wear very little make up and my mother often tells me I need to wear more “to make the most of myself”. I do like to wear mascara because it makes my eyes look bigger – this is definitely for vanity and nothing else! I brought some make up with me to India and it is still in my suitcase after 4 days. Perhaps a lot of us wear make up as a kind of mask when we are feeling a little insecure or need a bit of a boost, which is fine. I think too much make up looks unnatural and makes me wonder what the person is hiding underneath.

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