Go Your Own Way – No Matter where Others Go – 25 Aug 10


When I was writing yesterday’s diary, I remembered a line of a poem of Rabindranath Tagore which I had learned already in my school time. The line simply says ‘Walk alone on your path’. I wrote yesterday already, if you have a principle which you do not want to compromise with, you sometimes may feel a little bit lonely on your way. People come and they leave again if they cannot walk on with you but you should continue on your path without hesitation.

The crowd may go another way. Have you tried that way and decided that you cannot walk it? Then choose your own path. Don’t worry about where the crowd is going and if they take another way, keep on following your own way, even if you have to walk it alone for some time. Do not worry, there will be someone who will stay for long, too.

I have made this experience with my way. I am not a master and I do not want followers. All these gurus and masters that I have been writing so much about care for the crowd. They try to pull the crowd on their way. But I do not want to pull! I want to invite everybody to join me for a shorter or also a long piece of the way but only from their own choice and only as long as they want. I would be happy if I could show them where they can safely place their feet while walking. Maybe they also make the way more obvious to me and point out where exactly the way is. However if they decide to step away from my way, I will let them go without hesitation. If they decide to stay, I am happy to walk hand in hand with them, to help each other climb over stones and cross rivers together.

Live with your principles, find your way and follow it. You may sometimes have to walk alone however you will be able to walk with inner peace because you are going completely on the way that you chose. You will not have regrets that you made steps off the way. It will make you happy, much happier than going with the crowd. And you will see, also on your lonely road, there will someday be the right person to join you.

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  1. I really do LOVE this very much!
    Yes it is not easy and often lonely but, for me I know I am honest. Truth begins with being honest and true to yourself! I am happy no matter how much difficulties I had and still have to face. NO it is not easy and may be some friend will turn they backs on you , some will even laughed about you and your way and some will try to hold you back cause they are afraid to loose you in they group. But to me I really could not ignore my inner voice, I had to go my way, faithfully and patiently , step by step… I just see I am not walking alone 🙂 And I am NOT a Dreamer cause I believe in LOVE!

    Thank you Swamiji that was so good to read …. I do understand I am not alone on my path… 🙂

    Love to all 🙂

  2. A very good article.Once a friend told me we are all alone in the moment of the birth and in the moment of leaving this world.
    I didn`t agreed as I heart it, but later I`d understand that it is right somehow and from time to time I think about it.
    But on the other hand: even if we are alone in general we are never alone! This is what I again and again realice each time a clever crow take a look at me when I`m walking alone somewhere. Then I nearly feel the same “power” under the black feathering as it is under my skin.

  3. This is a great entry. I feel like you are REALLY talking from experience. Today I had a chat with someone about how everyone can be your teacher, whether they are young or old, so many have something different they can teach us.I believe it is most powerful to be learning from many different outlets and to keep your mind open!

  4. This is a very touching sentiment. I connect with it quite deeply. Sometimes we can be lonely on our spiritual path, but it doesn’t mean we are going the wrong way. We just have to have faith in the guidance of our heart and soul, no matter how many others agree or disagree. Keep following your path and you will feel the company of your soul. I like this!