Beauty Shines from within – not through Make-up – 7 Dec 08


I want to talk a bit more about the idea and perception of beauty. As I said yesterday, a model or an actress normally looks different in real life than how she is presented in the media. And of course, it is their profession to be in a certain role, to act like another person or character. That is why they get a certain make-up, their hair done and get dressed in a way that fits to their role. An actress does that for her role but many women do that each morning. Someone told me she needs at least fifteen minutes each day to do her make-up.

When I see some women, I sometimes get the impression that they wear make-up like a mask on their face. It hides their originality and shows something else to the world. They do not want to show who they really are. Maybe they are trying to entertain others, who like it and then say it is beautiful in these colours. Or maybe they want to entertain themselves by being someone else for one day. But how long can you entertain yourself in this way?

A woman who was there for a healing session told me that she would not dare to go out of the house without make-up because she feels ugly when she doesn’t put it on. Maybe this outer appearance can strengthen your confidence for a few moments but you yourself know exactly who you are inside. You have to learn to face your originality. You have to accept yourself. And most importantly you have to see that you are beautiful just as you are. Real beauty comes from inside and beauty is always in the eyes of the one who sees.

I am not really against make-up. I do not really care and many women put only a little bit of make-up on their faces. It is just my opinion that naturalness is always most beautiful. Your beauty is shining from within.

It was our last evening here in Lüneburg and tomorrow we will travel to Cologne. As a early Christmas-gift I gave a partner healing session to Michael and Andrea which they always enjoy. After the healing Michael said: “This healing is good to see the inner child in your emotions. In the end I felt like a baby.” 

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  1. I think it is common for young women these days to be focused on their external image. Whether with make-up, clothing, shoes, hair-dos, jewelry, or weight loss, there is a big emphasis on how you look. But I think with age, the body starts to decline in its image, so it is natural to start focusing inward. Middle aged and older women start to think about and express their inner beauty. And if young women could also remember their inner beauty, I think it would bring more balance to their focus on the external. It’s okay to like to look nice, but we should also remember to feel and be nice on the inside.

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