Lack of Self-confidence – accept your Identity – 27 Jan 08


We were in Mindelheim for healings today for the last time. One healing touched me today although it really is a typical western problem. A man, drenched in tears, told me how the partner left after years of relationship, in spite of the feeling that this is 'the one' and in spite of the plans to move to another country together.
Eira, our nice host from Finland, didn't even want to let us go, so much did she enjoy having us there. We took some photos as memories and made some plans to go to Finland together as her sister had invited us to come. That would be my first visit to Finland.
I meet so many people from all over the world with many different problems. One widespread problem is lack of self-confidence. The root of this problem is in the topic of the last two days: You have to accept yourself! Like I said the other day: We are not sure about our real feelings. We cannot express ourselves confidently because we are not at all sure about what we are saying. But please don't start or go on living a different identity. The creation is wonderful as it is, accept that. If you do not accept God's creation you will not accept your own soul. There will always be this controversy inside you. Stop fighting against your true self! Self-confidence can only come after self-acceptance.

3 Replies to “Lack of Self-confidence – accept your Identity – 27 Jan 08”

  1. It is sad to hear of this man losing “the one” even though I do believe there are many people out there who could be “the one” for any person. I know how earth-shattering it is for things like that not to work. I feel very bad for this man too. 🙁

  2. I think confidence and identity are things we work on our whole lives. As we grow and change, we continue to adjust our sense of identity and our confidence in that. We should treat it as a journey of self-discovery rather than something to achieve. It is a life long process that we can embrace.