Blind Followers do not know what they are Doing - 28 Feb 11

Last week I only shortly mentioned that devotees of ISKCON always seem to know that they should be doing but never seem to know why they are doing what they are doing. In my opinion you should, whatever you are doing, know why you are doing it. This should be taken care of in every action, whether it is spiritual or professional, whether you are doing your job or a hobby.

I gave the example of the rituals that ISKCON devotees do and how they do the actions and movements in these rituals without knowing what they mean. They want to be the biggest followers of our culture but they would need to make some effort to understand the deeper meaning, the essence of the culture first.

There is a Mantra which translated means that you should regard and treat other women as your mother. Now what ISKCON did is to tell their devotees to call every female that crosses their way ‘Mataji’, mother. They do it regardless of age although the mantra does not say that you should call girls your mother, who are as old as your daughter! Many young girls and their families could even feel offended, if you call the girl ‘Mataji’ because she is unmarried and supposed to be a virgin, definitely not a mother! You should call her daughter. If a woman is of the same age as you are, you would call her sister. If she is older, you can call her mother and if she is very old, you call her grandmother. But they just did not understand this concept! People feel bad about this but when your sect tells you to call everybody ‘Mataji’, you just go and follow the rules.

Why don’t you ask why you should be doing this? Don’t we teach our children to understand the world that they live in and ask when they don’t understand something? So why would we, as adults, just blindly follow an order without understanding what is behind it?

As I said, this is a rule not only for devotees and their rituals but is applicable in every part of our lives. If you go to a tailor and show him a shirt with three buttons that you like very much and that you would like him to make out of another piece of cloth, he should be able to do it. If the tailor however tells you that he only makes shirts with two buttons, not with three buttons, what will you think? Simply that he does not know his profession! If he had learned tailoring properly, he would be able to look at the other shirt and imitate its cut. He however only learned how to make one certain kind of shirt. He did not really understand what he is doing, he is just mechanically performing the actions in the sequence that he learned. Nothing less and nothing more.

Bring your brain and intellect into your actions. Ask if you don’t understand something and try to learn what is behind these things. You are responsible for yourself. Create things instead of only following orders. It can bring you further and save you from trouble, such as following a brainwashing sect. People who ask what is behind orders will never be happy with sects, fake gurus and the cheating business that is going on.

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  1. Deniz

    And cults and fake gurus equally don’t like people who ask questions. I know this very well from experience, as I’m a big question asker. Cults and fake gurus like the people around them to be docile and submissive. If you ask questions, they may tell you you’re “thinking too much,” and the thinking too much is interfering with your spiritual progress, so cut down on the thinking. If you want to find out whether a group is genuine or not, try asking a challenging (but not impolite or rude) question and see how they react. If they seem disturbed by it or respond with some canned answer that you’re expected to immediately believe without further question, you know you’re in the wrong place. In a lot of places, people have been uncomfortable around me just because they know I’m an independent thinker, even if I don’t say anything, because they know I’m thinking, and they’re afraid of what I might be thinking or what I might say. These people are control freaks, and often brainwashed themselves, and afraid someone might disturb their deluded and rigid thought systems, so they get squirmy and uncomfortable if they know you’re even thinking.

  2. Ramona

    Very true Deniz.It is just comfortable for the guru and the follower if the latter doesn’t think but simply does what he is told.
    Now if you ask a question that goes deeper, the followers need to face reality. As a consequence they would need to act with their own responsibility – something they don’t want. Even if they know something is not right, the just close their eyes.
    It is no wonder they don’t like your questions, they would need to actually do something!

  3. Sandra

    I agree with your idea that you should know what you are doing. I especially like the example of the tailor as I don’t know much about ISKCON and have never seen one of their rituals.I know however that this is what education should give to our children, an understanding of what they learn about the world. Unfortunately I see so often that children learn and after their exams simply forget what was written in the book. Now they come into the working world and could, with what they learned, understand why they have to do something but they forgot all about it! So they don’t have an idea why they have to do what they have to do…and end out working like that tailor you described…

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