Teacher Training Seminar – 4 Oct 10


The children of our school have finished their quarterly exams on Thursday and since then have holidays. The holidays will go on for another week but today all teachers came to the Ashram for the first day of a teacher training seminar. We have many ideas and projects that we want to start after the holidays and we presented them to our teachers. There were some discussions about how we will implement those changes and as soon as we see the first results, I will write more details in my diary.

Ramona and Gopal, our principal, told them about patience with children and showed them a few new ways how to think of their teaching profession. It is so important to have teachers who like and love their work, who work with their full heart involved. They form our future, our children. If our children from the beginning feel like learning is something that can only be done with anger, fear and tension, how will our future look like? Teachers have to have patience and much love for the children that they teach.

There will now be monthly meetings with the parents of the children to involve them more into the school and the education of their children. They will get to know more about the process of their children and teachers will have the opportunity to talk to parents separately if there are any concerns or also if they believe that the child is in some way very talented.

This seminar will go on until the 9th and we have several plans with the teachers. They will learn a little bit more about general ways of teaching, alternatives to the usual ways and how to include games and playful learning in their lessons. It is going to be a joyful week for everybody. Ramona enjoys giving the workshops just as much as the teachers enjoy how she presents them new knowledge and ideas.

The result that we want to achieve with all of this is clear: we want to let parents know about the value of the education that their children receive if they go to school and we want our children to learn with pleasure for a great future.

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  1. Brilliant idea…….Much appreciate your efforts to make education better for kids, loving and safe environment, thank you and God Bless.