A New School Year in India – 21 Apr 10


Another school year is over for the children of our primary school and kindergarten. Ramona, Yashendu and I are travelling here in Germany so we could not wish them good luck in person for their final exams but Purnendu told us that nearly everybody passed the exams – only three students have to do the same class again.
I can imagine how all children are now waiting for the summer holidays to begin – nobody really wants to sit in class now with temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius and more! So they are already dreaming of playing, meeting and swimming in the Yamuna for the next two months.

While they will hopefully not forget what they learned in the old year, the school will be busy preparing for a new one. The new session will start on 1st July 2010 and many families are already waiting for admissions to start so that also their smaller children can come to our school. Until then many things still need to be done. We need a lot of new supplies for next year: pencils, rubbers and notebooks but also many new books and school uniforms for all new children and also for our new 4th grade class and our oldest students. We provide school education for free for these children because their parents are not able to afford school fees of other schools, so of course we also do not want to burden them with the cost of school supplies, we provide everything so that the parents have no reason for not sending their children.

We would be very happy to receive your support in our project to give children the chance for a better future. This is an expense that we have once a year and of course the small amounts of pens, books and other things add up to quite a sum of money but as always, every penny helps. If you want to help, you can make a donation for school supplies. Please also tell your friends about it and about the possibility to support this project in this way. And of course you are very welcome to meet the children and see the school whenever you are in India!

Today we had a great Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop with many very nice people and we cooked delicious food.

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  1. It’s a tribute to the success of the program that only three children have to retake the year! I hope you have had success in getting funding. God bless