No Education or Classes in State Schools in India – 11 Apr 09


Some days ago I read an article in our newspaper about a primary school in the next town to Vrindavan. From time to time the Indian government makes unannounced inspections in schools which are financed by the state. In government schools teachers get paid from the state and the children only need to pay a small fee. And one of the last weeks the government made an inspection in one of the schools that are paid for by state.

When the officers came to the school they were surprised: There was no teacher and none of the 189 children who were registered as students at the school. Instead they found cows, pigs and cattle all over the school yard and in a few rooms. Other ‘classrooms’ were full of hay and food for animals. Unfortunately this happens with government schools in India. These grounds turn to stables or even parking lots and people who would be able to afford these state schools do not get education for their children. And then there are private schools which often take a lot of money just for school fees. They have better education but only for those who can afford it. And this is how our private school is especially for poor children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school.

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