More Support in Education for Handicapped Children – 19 Oct 09


On one of the last days I read in the newspaper that the Indian government now decided that there should not be school fees for handicapped children. When I read this news I remembered my visit to the school where my friend Thomas works.

Thomas is here now at the Ashram and also our friend Helga who also works at the same school. We are also friends with their principal who visited the Ashram in the summer. They all were happy to see our school after I had seen theirs. And when I was there I also wrote in my diary how great work they are doing for these children. The government also supports this financially as I heard and provides transport and a certain budget to buy education material.

In India this awareness just seems to start. I will be very happy to see that handicapped children as well as poor children get more support in their education. Because, as I always say, they are the future of our world and we need to take care of them.

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