Learning Hindi with the Children – 5 Sep 08


Our Ashram is also a good place for learning Hindi. We have two new Hindi-students in the Ashram: Ramona and Laila, who came with us from Germany. They both already know a little bit of Hindi and will now go to school again each day to improve it. They sit with the children of the primary school who also learn reading and writing now. The children are very happy to have them in their class and the teachers also enjoy teaching them. Ramona, who was in the class of the smallest children today, told me the children surrounded her with interest and joy, one playing with her hair, another nearly sitting on her lap. Laila told that she read out a whole story in front of the older class and helped the children translate it. It is a wonderful possibility to learn a new language and you learn especially fast with the children.

There has been a lot of building work to the building of the Kindergarten to add the rooms of the primary school to it and now, the whole building looks really nice, painted in a light cream colour. When Purnendu told me he had built two extra rooms I could not imagine how it would look like but they did wonderful work. When you look into the classrooms you will see more of the young children, playing, writing or reading and it feels good to see that. And sometimes, when you take a closer look, you might see someone sitting in there who looks ten or twenty years older, eagerly writing Hindi signs into a small notebook. Learning is not only for children. Life can always teach you something, your age doesn’t matter. It is wonderful to be curious for something new, something you have not experienced yet.  

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